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Many times we read this sentence and very often come across lines that say – ‘Data Science is the best career today’; ‘It is going to reach the maximum potential in the coming years,’ ‘It has many high-paying job opportunities!’ So, we wonder if all of this is true?

Are all of the internet experts hyping the course and the technological discipline, or are the academic pundits just making fool out of learners so that the course gets a nominated hype in the academic line and gives institution and educational organizations a whole lot of money! Wow, this sounds good and exciting but at the same time, if we say that – ‘This is not just a piece of normal news!’ It is the case, the reality of the new modern technological and scientific world.

Data Science is indeed the need of any man today, whether s/he uses it knowingly or unknowingly. Looking at this emerging and every growing need, the Data Science course has got a permanent hype and promotion among the learners and students! What is in real demand by the industry and the market is thus, followed by the new generation students/learners for making a good amount of money by getting the targeted Data Science job and securing a better future!

Aspirants are told that there are many career opportunities after studying Data Science. In the U.S, and worldwide, Data Science has been named and recognized as the number one job. Are there any career opportunities? Yes, of course, there are, but these are accessible when you have earned that reputed Data Science certification or a professional Data Science course from the best world-class institution that recognizes your worth in front of the next big company or employer that you target!

The decision is difficult but not impossible or regrettable if you have made the mind to study Data Science and dive into a sea of career opportunities that Data Science brings with itself. Let’s have a look –

Make a career in Data Science like a pro and shape your future! Know what are the opportunities:

Data Scientist

It is a combined role that is taken up by a professional. The Data Scientist has to be an expert in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics. S/he has to set himself/herself apart from the rest and has to be the goal digger in many varying situations that may arise in an organization. As a scientist of the data, it is the task of the Data Scientist to find out structured and unstructured data sets and look out for reasonable insights from the available data that can then assist a company, or a business in mapping what is the best.

Machine Learning Scientist

This role suits and includes the work of the Research Engineer or Research Scientist. It involves using new data research approaches and algorithms that are used for supervised and unsupervised systems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Their primary work is to give solutions regarding the software. These need the best coding, statistics, and programming skills as here the ML Engineer has to handle the intricacies of the systems that are tested regularly for their efficiency, performance, and functionality.

Data Architect

The Data Architects work on existing systems. Other than designing and creating new systems and new databases, the role of the Architects is to provide access to database analysts and other administrators.

Data Analyst

They help in making decisions for the business. By making business decisions and reports for organizational entrepreneurs and other leaders, it is the task of the analysts to track analytics and help the company in achieving clear insights into the business problem.

Data Engineer

They are responsible for the real-time processing of gathered data. They also look after and manage data pipelines that further assist in the creation of data ecosystems.


They help in the overall development of decisions that are made by the organization. They are responsible for locating trends and relationships. They also communicate findings to the stakeholders. 

AI Expert

The role of an AI expert is to make computers think. They instill cognitive stimulation and train computers and machines according to the needs of human minds. These machines help companies in their business preoccupations.

AI Engineer

The task of an AI Engineer is all about building business decisions and drawing insights. They have the best possible knowledge of software engineering, programming, and Data Science.

AI Analyst

Programming and creating systems and computers for smart business workings and operations.

Data Mining Engineer

The foremost task of the Data Mining Engineer is to manage the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of databases. It is their task to summarise the summaries, patterns, and then their intended meaning to the business.

Business Intelligence Analyst

It is the work of BI experts to improve and modernize processes in the organization. They do it by employing data visualization, analysis, and modeling techniques.

If we talk about the recent survey then, almost all Data Science careers are expected to rise to 40% between the years 2022 and 2026. It is indeed good news for all the aspirants who are keen on taking Data Science as a career in the future.

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By Anurag Rathod

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