Tips for calculating diamonds weight with diamond calculator

Perhaps you are searching for a perfect diamond for your engagement ring, earring, or any other kind of jewelry. You need to check out this fantastic diamond calculator to help you access the weight of a desirable gem. There are many shapes when it comes to the kind of diamond stone to choose from. Ensure to go for what your heart desires. For the heart-shaped diamond or the pear-shaped, you only need to know what you need or want for your ornament. 

Are you interested in understanding what diamond carats are or to know more about the weight of the diamond formulas? If yes, you need to keep reading and research further to have a clear idea of what diamond weight formulas or carats refer to.

Carat is the unit that has been used to measure gemstones and pearls. The name carat originates from the carob tree seeds used long ago for many centuries to weigh the gemstones. In contrast, their mass is not constant compared to other plant seeds. This weight unit was standardized more than a century ago. The weight of a single carat seed is equivalent to 200 mg, which is 0.2 grams.

The price of a 1-carat diamond

It is a hard question to answer because you will need some other information. You need to know the factors that affect the pricing of gemstones. While the apparent factor that affects diamond pricing is its weight, there are many other factors. The diamond calculator is used to determine the weight of diamonds in the carat. Diamonds come in different sizes and shapes, which means they will have varied weight. It is hard to estimate the price depending on those based on its weight because several things could determine the value of a diamond.

Here are essential diamond features:

  • Color
  • GIA cut grade
  • Fluorescence
  • Carat weight
  • Clarity
  • Cut and shape

Always put in mind that the diamond pricing does not increase depending on its weight. Do not be surprised if a 3-carat diamond will cost you several times than a 1-carat diamond. It happens because its value has determined by the features named above. Perhaps you have come across or instead heard about the famous Koh-I-Noor diamond. It is among the parts of the British Crown jewels existing. That makes it one of the longest cut diamonds globally, with a weight of about 105 carats. The weight of this diamond cut is estimated to be over 200 million dollars. As you can see, that price is too much for a hundrend1-carat diamond and so on for the most popular choices used for engagement diamond rings.

How to calculate the weight of diamonds

Are you still in hesitation on the kind of diamond to choose in terms of shape? Are you torn between the heart-shaped, pear-shaped, or any other? You need to have jewelry repair to the shape you want. In calculating the weight, you need to have a few things to get the correct weight of the diamond.

Choose the diamond shape

There are twelve types of diamond shapes from which you want to select. Ensure to go for what you want, for instance, the pear-shaped diamond.

Enter the diamond’s dimensions

For this, you will need to type its length, width, and depth or maybe its depth and diamond in a case where you have selected the round diamond. For instance, take a pear-shaped diamond and enter its length, width, and depth.

Check the ring girdle

In case it is thin, you do not need to make any changes. For a thicker one, you may add a few percent. Then, assume that the exemplary diamond has a medium girdle.

Check if the shape of the diamond is standard

For a pear-shaped diamond, it has wide wings. That means you should enter about 5% as a standard shape of your gemstone.

The diamond weight calculator displays the weight in carats

It is now you who should find out the weight in carat for a similar size for any other shape of diamond that you have.

Do you want to have more accurate diamond weight estimation? If yes, ensure to take into account the final determinant factors of diamond weight. The two factors are the girdle thickness and correction of the shape factors. For irregular ring shape, it is essential to add correct adjustments for the final weight formula.


The diamond calculator works as a guide for most, if not all, diamonds. It is essential to know that it is not an indication of the sales. Instead, it is good to know that many factors determine the pricing of specific diamonds, as addressed in this post. The original diamond calculator has been relied upon for over five years now. While you need some tools to set your expectations, the diamond calculates is an excellent tool. It will help you approximate the value of a diamond.