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5 of the Best Kids Playroom Ideas on a Budget

5 of the Best Kids Playroom Ideas on a Budget

If you want to give your children a fun space to call their own but don’t have a ton of money to invest, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a few inexpensive tips and tricks to help you design a room that your kids will love. We’ll also cover flooring, wall, and decoration ideas that can give your project that extra edge.

Create Your Storage

Storage containers are an absolute must if any parent ever hopes to corral the sea of toys that litter most children’s bedroom floors. But storage containers are expensive and often appear ugly or out of place. A great idea to solve this without breaking the bank is decorating large, durable shipping boxes. You can also wrap these containers in plain brown packaging paper and let your children paint or draw on them!

Alternatively, for a more sophisticated look, you can upholster these boxes using glue and fabric scraps. This is a great way to recycle old material and can breathe new life into any dreary room.

Chalk Blackboards

With a playroom chalkboard wall, you won’t have to be frightened of your kid’s coloring on the wall! Kids and parents alike can enjoy this enjoyable and straightforward DIY décor idea since it allows children to freely decorate their walls while providing parents with peace of mind of knowing that cleanup is simple.

Design your Metal Building Garage into a Kid Play Area

If you’re planning to make a play area but don’t have the room indoors, you might consider adding an outdoor playhouse. Work sheds, metal buildings and garages often go unused and can make wonderful playrooms that your kids will enjoy!

Create a DIY Art Gallery

An art gallery is a fantastic playroom concept! All you’ll need to do is collect some twine, clothespins, and thumbtacks or finishing nails. Hang and fasten the string all over the room — along the walls or in zigzag patterns. Attach your child’s artwork to the strings with clothespins, and you now have an art museum! It looks lovely, and your kids will be overjoyed to have their work proudly on display.

Decorate Walls

Even if your children are not blooming artists, they must have created something in school or at home that can be framed and placed on the wall. Find a cheap frame from a thrift store, and you’ve got instant wall décor. Adding flair to a kid’s zone or playroom is a wonderful way to foster their growing imaginations.

Optimize Cabinet Space

This playground furniture design allows you to conceal even the most heinous disasters. You’ll have a place for goods that don’t always fit in storage bins while also maintaining a clean and safe environment. Use playroom cabinets to organize board games, cards, construction paper, and other creative items.

Organize Art Areas

You may also consider designating one of your tables as an art area for youngsters who enjoy drawing or doing crafts. Clean and repurpose tiny jars, such as old jam or salsa jars, to contain pencils, markers, and paintbrushes. For an added decorative touch, you can paint or tie a ribbon around these holders. Shoeboxes, which can be decorated to taste, are ideal for storing crayons and paper scraps. Additionally, jewelry boxes and disused spice jars are great for keeping smaller items like beads and glitter.

Integrate Your Furniture and Your Storage

When selecting kids’ playground furniture, you’ll want to consider both functionality and enjoyment. Ottomans with storage, hollowed-out seats, or benches with enough space beneath for baskets provide enough seating while simultaneously aiding the room’s organization.

Use Monograms

Using monograms in a child’s play area is an excellent way to keep everything organized. Alternatively, craft stores provide inexpensive papier mache or giant cardboard alphabet letters that can be painted and hung on the walls or shelves.

Make a Swing

Are you looking for an exciting décor that will keep your kids busy even while they are stuck inside the house? Then installing an indoor swing might be at the top of your shopping list! This one-of-a-kind feature is excellent for an attic playroom and is relatively simple to install. All you’ll need are a few industrial hooks, a stud finder, some rope, and a strong board.

Turn Toys into Storage

Another approach to simplify your child’s playroom is to look for larger toys that can be converted into storage.

Our playroom, for example, includes a relatively large wooden kitchen for roleplaying. By placing it against the wall, it frees up tons of floor space. Additionally, the oven now serves as storage for our child’s food-based toys, doing away with the need for extra containers and freeing up tons of extra room for play.

You can get quite creative with some of the toys in your environment and find usefulness in many of them that may not have been initially evident.


It’s fun to come up with ideas for a child’s playroom, and the way you arrange this space is a pivotal element in simplifying its look and feel. With minimalist playroom organization ideas, you’ll learn how to get rid of unnecessary items while simultaneously creating a playroom your kids will never forget.

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