Best Beaches to Enjoy in Troy

There’s nothing more American than relaxing under the sun. Playing volleyball with your buddies, grilling a few burgers by the shore, and going for a swim to cool off.

But the Troy, Alabama area is a bit unique in that sense.

First off, you’re within driving distance of beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Secondly, you also have plenty of nearby beaches in the form of lakes, rivers, and swimming holes. And each guarantees you hours of fun with friends and family.

It’s time to load up your summer schedule with a little adventure!

So, let’s go over seven of the best beaches near Troy, Alabama.

1. Lake Tholocco

Just a 40-mile drive from Troy, Alabama, is Lake Tholocco, a 640+ acre lake located within the confines of Fort Rucker.

This massive lake has everything a family needs for a little fun on the water.

You can’t venture over to Lake Tholocco without a fishing pole, a tackle box, and even your boat. Use one of the three provided boat launches and head out to the center of the lake to wrangle in today’s catch.

Or, relax on one of the fishing piers if you’re looking to stay dry.

When the kids are feeling adventurous, there’s plenty for them to do. They can swim along the lake’s shore under the supervision of a lifeguard during those hot summer afternoons. Or you can rent kayaks or paddle boats for the whole crew.

2. Orange Beach 

If a lakeside beach just isn’t going to cut it, take the 166-mile journey to the white sand beaches in Orange Beach, Alabama.

You’ll never go to the beach only for swimming ever again.

The Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas have every outdoor activity you could possibly imagine. 

Why not start your visit off with a relaxing dolphin cruise and snap unforgettable photos of the local marine life?

Or, perhaps, you crave a little more adventure.

If that’s the case, you can choose to soar 800 feet above the water while trailing a speedboat when parasailing. And when you’re tired of getting around by foot, rent a jet ski, paddleboard, or beach bike and bring your adventure elsewhere.

3. Woodruff Lake

Take the 90-mile trip over to Woodruff Lake near the Alabama River to cash in on the perfect outdoor oasis for the nature lover in your family.

This will be the prime destination if your family craves watersports.

Head out onto the massive 12,000+ acre reservoir with your motorboat and waterskis. Figure out which member of your group has the best balance as you cut through Woodruff Lake’s mild waves.

But you can tame down your trip a tiny bit too.

Plan out a brief family vacation and rent out a campsite at the connected campground. You can then take your time on your trip, tanning along the beach and chugging along the hiking trails.

4. Kolomoki Mounds State Park

As a history fanatic, you’ll need to venture 75 miles just over the border into Georgia to pay a visit to Kolomoki Mounds State Park.

This historical park will give you insight into the area you now call “home.”

Once home to the local Native American tribes, the Kolomoki Mounds are ancient ceremonial and burial grounds. They’re built right into the area’s geography. Take the whole family up and down the mounds to get unforgettable views of the landscape from above.

After you satisfy your historical curiosity, head over to the lake.

The lake at Kolomoki Mounds State Park is suitable for both fishing and boating activities. If you can’t get enough of the quaint sandy beach, wading in the water, and fishing on the dock, reserve a campsite at the campground instead.

5. Walter F. George Lake

Walter F. George Lake, also known as Lake Eufaula, is a mere 71 miles from the Troy, Alabama area.

Sitting along the Chattahoochee River, this lake is every fisherman’s dream. You won’t find a local fishing spot with quite as large of a bass population as you will at this 45,000+ acre lake.

But where you get onto the lake will determine what your adventure holds.

Conveniently, you can access Walter F. George Lake from both the Alabama or the Georgia sides. The Highland Park and Hardridge Creek Park areas have both swimming access and boat ramps for the entire family.

6. D.A.R.E. Power Park

If you’re willing to drive 94 miles for a nice family picnic along the shore, then you’ll want to head over to D.A.R.E Power Park.

For such a small park at 30 acres, it sure has a ton of heart.

Spend a few hours resting along the white sandy beach. Be sure to pack your sandcastle making equipment and your bathing suits to cool off in the hot Alabama heat and sun.

You can easily spend your entire day on one of the two fishing piers at the park. And if you happen to catch a big one or pack a cooler, you can use the grills on-site to fire up a nice family dinner.

7. Navarre Beach

Florida is definitely a far drive from Troy, Alabama, but the 136-mile journey to Navarre Beach is worth it.

There’s nothing you won’t like about this beautiful beach.

Pack up your swim gear and load up the beach bag because you’re going to be spending a lot of time along the picture-perfect emerald waters. You can build sandcastles, tan in the sun, or simply have your go at surfing.

But don’t leave without visiting the fishing pier.

The pier in Navarre Beach is actually the largest in Florida at over 1,500 feet long. This is the prime location to throw a line over the edge or take a peek down and see a dolphin or fish up-close and personal.


Your options are practically limitless when it comes to having an adventurous summer in the Troy, Alabama, area. You just have to be willing to fuel up the car, set off on a road trip, and take some much-needed time away.

Get ready for a summer filled with boating, fishing, swimming, and fun!

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