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Top Best Android Shooting Games

Top Best Android Shooting Games

You can’t really obtain more action than you have with shooting games. You’re mainly in for loads and loads of bullets, fireballs, and chaos, whether they’re third-person shooters, first-person shooters, or something else in between. Because shooting games rely so heavily on accuracy, it has become one of the extra difficult games to get going on smartphones. On a touch screen, that’s challenging to do.

In addition, we have a separate list of games that are all FPS (first person shooter) games and that is just below. This summary has first and third person shooters with a range of different concepts, so it could be a more accurate list of the best Android shooting games. All games are available in the play store.


Ailment is a combination of a shooter and an RPG for a tomb scrapper. Players are exploring the world, finding loot and equipment, shooting up the bad guys, and engaging in some really intense action fighting. The visuals are retro style, so this is not the most beautiful game we have ever seen. Nevertheless, the concepts are strong and the controls are simple enough to learn. Players can also find Easter eggs that are hidden, bring NPCs through for the cruise, and more. Endurance was released as a kind of prequel to Ailment in 2020, and it’s just as good, if not a slightly better, than Ailment. These are two excellent games for shooting, and we strongly recommend them.

AirAttack 2

AirAttack 2 is an aerial shooter from the top down and a fairly solid one. The game works just like the masterpieces do. You go from level to level and take the enemy down, bosses, etc. This one, however, has pretty decent graphics, great design, and a mission mode for survival people who enjoy an additional challenge. The game also usually involves rewards, five aircraft, different upgrades, and Android TV support, along with external game pads, mousce, and keyboards. Hey, did we say that it’s also able to be offline?This is among the perfect ones in the categoty.  

Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday is precisely what you ordered from your doctor if you just can’t have enough bullets on your screen. These three aerial action games over-the-top are pure arcade inanity and every minute of it is loved by us. Vibrant colors graphics, a chapter mode, user – friendly interface, an easy mode (for newbies), and more are available in the games. In the series, there are three games. You have the Monday Bullet Hell, the Black Monday Bullet Hell, and the Monday Final Bullet Hell. You can begin with just about anything you want. They all have the same way of playing.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The new king of the category of shooting games is Call of Duty: Mobile. It is extremely popular and it has sufficient gameplay modes to keep people interested. Together with your classic team death matches, there is still a 100-player Battle Royale mode. Together with famous characters, gear customizations, and more, players activate gear over time. It is an online shooting game and you can also get COD and some other offline shooting PSP games that you can play offline as well, so there are also social components. The game has the occasional bug and there is a bit of a learning curve for the game HUD. If not, it’s a secure, popular choice for fans of shooters.

Critical Ops

Perhaps one of the most popular fps games out here and now is Critical Ops. It features fantastic graphics, multiplayer online, tons of different weapons to grab, and skins of weapons to give a sense of customization. For a first person shooter, the control concepts are relatively typical. When you perform a shooter on a touch display, there is always a real challenge. Even so, it should not take long for everything to be figured out. With this project, the developers are really active, so it gets regular updates and patches. We really appreciate it. Another pretty good game that has a great deal of the same components, but has more sci-fi, is Infinity Ops.


On Android, Fortnite is among the most unique action games. No doubt you’ve heard about it before. You’re falling from the sky, crafting and finding different items, killing all of the opponents and becoming the last one to win the round. It’s got a massive number of things. The mechanics of the game on the mobile are a bit clunky, but that’s just as there are so many control buttons. We expect that, over time, it will get better. In order to retain things like skins and other unlockable content, you can also connect your account with several other versions of the game. The game started as a third-party install from Epic Games, but was officially launched in 2020 on the Play Store. You can get it there now.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a very powerful third-person online shooter. It’s a battle royale-style game in which you and 49 other people drop off on an island and sweep it out for 10 min. There are all elements of the battle to the death that individuals like. You’ll find guns, work your way through all the safe zones, plunder your opponents, and try to be the last fighter to stand. Four player teams with in-game voice chat rooms are also involved in the game. With this one, we love the social aspects quite a little. It has a couple of bugs here and there, but good luck finding a shooter free to play that doesn’t.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead 2 is an enjoyable fusion of shooters. The game often includes the mechanics of limitless runner styles. Basically, you are forever running through a huge legion of zombies. The objective is survival. Some of the features of the game include decent graphics, a wide range of weapons, a dog friend, some mechanics for tower defense, and various endings. This is surely something in the shooter space that is a little slightly weird. It’s a surprisingly profound game, though, taking into account that it’s freemium.

Shooting Games from MADFINGER

One of the best programmers for shooting games is MADFINGER Games. They have a great set of outstanding games, including the series of Shadowgun, Unkilled, Dead Trigger series, and others. Unkilled and Dead Trigger were indeed shooters with zombies. You’re going to kill tons of vampires, zombie bosses, and retrieve different weapons. The visuals are excellent as well. Shadowgun with a crusade, online multiplayer, and other characteristics is more of a classic shooter. Some of the playing are free, others will be free, and some are pay-once observed, too. With none of them, you really can’t go wrong. Shadowgun Military Drills, a PvP shooter in the Overwatch style, is the latest release from the developer.

Modern Combat

Modern Combat 5 is one of the most famous smartphone shooting games available. Up until Gameloft started turning it into a freemium game a while back, it was originally a pay-once game. It’s got a large following, good graphics, and there’s a huge amount of game for you to play here. In addition to a popular but still very successful multiplayer mode, there is the customary campaign mode. You can choose to play from one of six classes, each with its own advantages and benefits.

Modern Combat 5 was kind of overshadowed by PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, but it is one of the actual mainstream mobile shooting games. Technically, Modern Combat Versus is the latest game in the series, you can actually record the game screen and share with your friend online. However, before we give it the award for the best Modern Combat on Google Play, it still needs a little review.

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