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What Are the Benefits of Being an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

What Are the Benefits of Being an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

An AWS Solutions Architect Associate is responsible for aiding in the development of modern cloud-based solutions. It is the task of a Solutions Architect (SA) to migrate and move existing workloads to the cloud. For SA’s cloud is everything- the source, the earner, the begetter.  Mainly, the cloud is the pool of technological opportunities, that helps in storing information, exchanging data, and thus, making it available at the time of real needs.

A cloud-based solution architect must serve the clients, with the help of networking resources that are available to him. As the role of an AWS Solution Architect is gaining much popularity today, in the technological marketplace, the education world is sensing the lack of trained and certified individuals who can take up the best, experienced and decisive actions in a highly competitive cloud environment.

Therefore, many reputed educational organizations and schools have designed training certifications for aspiring professionals. Here, the students who target AWS Certification can get the right kind of academic upskilling, prowess, knowledge, and proficiency in the subject.

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Know More About AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate:

It is a category, classification of technical certifications. These certifications are provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for professionals and beginners. These are the ones who run a particular business’s architecture programs and are also known as Solution Architects (SA). The stream encompasses different AWS systems and AWS best practices.

If you target AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification, then you will have to deal with Amazon Cloud, Google, and Alexa. There are many other services as well. These include –

  • Identity access management (IAM)
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Autoscaling and load balancing
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Serverless websites
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • DynamoDB

Preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam? – Know-How You Can Do It!

Looking for the right learning resources for starting the AWS SA’s exam preparation? You can do it, and it is easy. If you have the will and might to crack the exam, you can do it! Nobody can stop you from becoming a successful AWS Solutions Architect Associate!

Aspirants can start by enrolling in the best and reliable training and learning classes. These can be either online or offline. The choice is yours to make! Online and offline do not matter, but yes, the course, route, and direction of learning is the main thing! If the education is reaching the students in the way, they demand and want it to be, without any difficulties, students can understand what is being taught with the help of practice sets/mock tests, they can bang on in the real examination.

Other than real hands-on experience and practical assistance is very crucial. Many find freedom of thoughts and academic ideas in preparation guides. If you are one of those students, get your exam guide for AWS SA preparation and get set moving!

Indeed, when the job of an AWS SA is to plan, design, and scale AWS cloud’s many varying performances, employing the best operations offered and advised by Amazon, the work carries more responsibility, merit, and value in the eyes of the higher management and the authorities that lead big ventures in the world of Cloud. Emphatically, this job role has its advantages and benefits. Let us map these here –


Benefits of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

  • Many Job Opportunities – An Inflating Demand Curve

The demand for cloud computing professionals has seen a major change in the past few years. 21st-century businesses need reliable solutions, and an AWS-certified SA has all the potentialities to serve these, unwaveringly in the current technologically advancing times. As we know, Amazon is a ruling cloud now for more than 10 practical years. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an internationally accepted body for many such services.

If one carries a badge of certification with AWS, it means the professional has more expansive career opportunities in his/her way. For instance, many developed and developing IT companies want AWS experts. Professionals who are working as SA’s can also take up the SA – Professional certification. They can do this to climb up the ladder!

Top companies that hire AWS experts are – Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, Deloitte, Capgemini, Amazon, and TO THE NEW.

High Pays and Better Earnings

High salaries are peanuts when you have skills that companies need. Normally, the average pay for the right candidate – who carries an AWS badge, is about $113k per year. If, as an accredited and valued professional, you can design and execute secure supplications on AWS technologies, originate solutions by employing architectural designing propositions and ideas, and give the advice to apply them using the best methods, you can demand huge sums of money from the employer!

Enabling Professionalism, Leadership, and Competency

When you perform the role of a Solutions Architect, you are already seen as the expert of the trade. At an organization, where you work, subordinates look at you for advice, better-developing options, guidance, help. You are a leader who has the talent and right skill, expertise, and competency to attain the best for the company.

As a professional, who has all the needed qualifications, and can match industry standards, an AWS Solutions Architect Associate is always on a higher pedestal, serving high-level authorities and management.

Enlarging Professional Network

An AWS SA has nowhere to stop. The day s/he ventures into the field of cloud computing and commences with his/her roles as a Solutions Architect Associate, s/he gets in touch with many professional bodies. At work, and even after work, the networks begin to traverse and expand.

Normally, the role of an AWS Solutions Architect is to meet as many sensible and intellectual people and professionals as s/he can, to swim in the pool of rational technological knowledge, understand upgradations in the cloud market and meet criteria for the modifications that take place in the AWS network.

Are you still looking for the best education online company where you can get the right academic facility, upskilling and technical aptitude for your AWS Solution Architect Associate’s certification?

Be it CAREERERA and sense the change with better learning opportunities.

It is time you become a part of an array of enlightening thoughts!

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