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There is an old saying that we all hear from childhood that teachers are the one whose name is taken before your parents. From childhood to adulthood, teachers perform a very important role in all of our lives, and it is high time to understand the fact that teaching can be a thankless job. We will never thank them enough for raising us from an ignorant person to a successful one. But, after all their efforts most of them do not get noticed or appreciated by their students and principles. That is not quite fair; don’t you think it’s high time to appreciate them for their all precious efforts? Because at the end of the day it’s the reality of the world that teachers are there for us from childhood to help us to thrive, grow and learn, to become something in life. Thus, one time during the year we got a chance to appreciate them to ensure how much we value all their hard work. 

Ok, Let’s face one thing, Could you ever get locked in a room with so many kids for a long day? Probably not, as you can’t even imagine how hard it is to handle all the kids for a long day alone, but our teachers can do this. Also, how about a class full of moody teens for an hour? Definitely a big no as we know how hard it is to handle a moody person, how could you grasp a room full of unpredictable students? But again, our teachers have been doing this for years. So why not surprise them on their birthday by making an online cake delivery in salem at the celebrations or by showering some appreciation gift? If yes, then, dig into our list of curated gift ideas for expressing your respect to your teacher.

Something Personal

Personalized gifts are always the best for surprising anyone in your life, so why not appreciate all the efforts of your teacher with some personalized cards, boxes, chocolates, and bottles? If yes, then grab their favorite flowers and add a sweet personal message with them. Besides this, add any other personalized item to your flower bouquet and you’re perfect to go. 

Good Book

Everyone loves to have a good collection of books in the closet, especially teachers. Maybe your teacher recently talked in class about a new author who just released a book with an interesting story. And, if there is any book that makes you remind of your class teacher then this is a perfect present for appreciating them. When you present a good book to someone then, you are blessed with tons of opportunity also you can order exotic cake along with it or can even personalize it according to their style. 

Personalized Pencils

Do you remember those days, when pencils were stolen from your geometry box? We all hate that moment, right? So if you want to help your teacher to keep track of their school essentials supplies, then you must choose these customized pencils for them. This is a great gift for appreciating your teacher, you can personalize it with any heartwarming quote or just by the phrase that “this pencil belongs to Mr.ABC”. 

Custom Made Tote Bag

We all know that teachers always carry a lot of stuff related to school with them. Therefore, this gift is the cutest gesture for telling them how much attention and care you have in your heart for them. This present is never past unappreciated. In this bag, they can carry all their important stuff inside it like a lunch box, coffee tumbler, water bottle, laptop, papers, etc. 

A Keepsake

It may be a keepsake for your teacher in the form of a scrapbook that is filled with a lot of pictures from your school memories and beautiful quotes. Or, you can also go for a blank book for your teacher, in which she can doodle all their important letters and documents that they received from students for a long period of time in a properly organized manner. You can make it more precious by customizing it with the phrase “the best teacher of the world”. 

These are some amazing gift ideas for conveying your heartfelt message to your favorite teacher. 

By Anurag Rathod

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