Gemstone Jewelry

Emancipating immense beauty and sparkle, diamonds are known as one of the most beautiful and hardest materials available on our planet. From impressive quotations, like “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” to a wide range of jewelry designs, the scintillating and luxurious diamonds have been in use since ancient times. However, fashion trends including jewelry trends are never stagnant! They keep on changing from time to time. Today, while diamonds still hold their place, value, and beauty in the jewelry world, the best diamond alternatives have also emerged – the beautiful gemstones!

Exuberating unique charm, rare colors, inclusions and amazing properties, gemstone jewelry has now become the most preferred option over diamond jewelry. While there are many reasons to buy the unique gems in form of precious and semi-precious stones, we discuss the most significant reasons as to why the magnificent gemstone jewels are called the best alternatives for diamonds. Scroll down and check the same below!

Extremely beautiful

Let us first discuss the characteristic of beauty. Undoubtedly, diamonds are beautiful. But gemstones are no lesser than them in terms of beauty. Moreover, they are found in a wide variety. The natural additions to gems like incomparable patterns on the surface, needle or star-like inclusions, chatoyancy, the play of colors, and many more other features make them super special.

Moreover, some gems change color. The most popular color-changing Alexandrites, Sapphires, Diaspores, Garnets, etc. are some of those beautiful gems that change color in presence of light. 

Rare & Unique

Another, exciting feature about wearing jewelry made of gemstones is that it makes you feel special. Not just because of its wonderful looks but also because of the factor of rarity and uniqueness associated with it. Things that are rare and unique naturally hold the most special value. The same is the case with rare gemstones. For example:

  • Tanzanites are found only in Tanzania
  • Larimars come only from the Dominican Republic
  • Black opals are extremely rare and are found in New South Wales, Australia

And the list goes on…..!

Amazing Healing Powers & Benefits

The most significant reason, of course, apart from beauty, is the healing ability! Gemstones, the precious treasure of Mother Nature, are blessed with wonderful healing properties that are loved, respected, believed in, and applied all across the world. From physical body problems to numerous mental conditions and more, the use of gems has been well recognized worldwide.

Let us take a quick look at what different gems can offer you in terms of healing properties!

  • Sapphire – The enthralling sapphire is used for bringing luck and prosperity
  • Amber – The beautiful Amber promotes clarification in thoughts. It is also useful for treating headaches
  • Garnet – These are known for enhancing confidence in a person
  • Turquoise – It helps you find balance in your thoughts & emotions
  • Obsidian – It saves you from any negative thinking
  • Rose Quartz – This gem invites love into your life and teaches you to love
  • Moonstone – Those who want to start afresh in life can trust the moonstones as it gives the essential power needed for starting new things in life
  • Citrine – Citrine keeps you energetic and excited in life
  • Jasper – Jasper is trusted for giving courage in the stressful times
  • Amethyst – It guards you against any sort of negative attack
  • Ruby – The beautiful red ruby is known for providing utter energy and liveliness to its wearer
  • Aquamarine – This gem is known for bringing happiness to life

Wide Price Range

The most alluring and interesting fact about choosing gemstones jewelry over diamond jewelry is that you get to explore and choose from a wide price range. While diamonds are beautiful, they are extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. However, the stunning gems’ jewelry offers one to choose from a wide price range according to his or her capacity. Isn’t that amazing? Choosing extremely beautiful jewelry according to your price preference is certainly a significant factor behind the constantly growing popularity of gems’ jewelry.

Enticing Range of Colors

Diamonds do occur in several colors but this color palette is not as extensive as the gemstones! Well, the beautiful and rare precious and semi-precious gems are found in an unimaginable range of colors. The exceptional shades like aqua blue, lilac, light pink, deep red, and many more shades and the overall appearance of these gems make them look extraordinary.

Some of the most beautiful gems along with their popular shades have been mentioned below:

  • Aquamarine – light blue to dark blue shade
  • Amethyst – deep purple hue
  • Amber – deep honey yellow color
  • Sapphire – blue, green, pink, and more
  • Citrine – golden yellow
  • Rose Quartz – light pink
  • Moonstone – blue to white shade
  • Garnet – basically available in many shades, though red and green varieties are most famous

The Array of Trendy Designs & Styles

When it comes to the designs and patterns available in gems jewelry, the options are simply uncountable! From the most popular ethnic patterns to the trendiest ones, you can pick any design of your choice from the colorful gems jewelry range. The various floral patterns, nature-inspired patterns, sea life designs, traditional vintage styles, and many more designs instantly catch your attention and you find the one that you have been looking for! Offering something super-special to everyone according to their particular choice, the designs available in 925 silver jewelry from India and various other gems’ jewelry ranges are quite imaginative and varied.


Last but not at all least, the option of customization in gemstones’ jewelry is quite wonderful. The authentic jewelry sites offering the customization of jewelry have skillful artisans who are accomplished at creating the jewels of your dreams! While you can also find your favorite pattern in the popular and trusted Wholesale gemstone jewelry, range, you can even consider getting your jewelry customized at authentic places. Treating each gem with passion, skill, love, and care, the gemstone artisans present a superb and memorable piece before you!

We are sure, considering the above facts, you too must be super excited about buying the extremely beautiful and beneficial gemstone jewelry. While others show off their much predictable diamond jewelry, you stand unique and distinguished in your unparalleled gemstone jewelry!

By Anurag Rathod

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