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Alstroemeria is also known as Peruvian lily. It is also referred to as Lily of the Incas. It is a flowering plant. The species of these plants in Chile grow in winter. In Brazil, they grow during summer. Alstroemeria flowers can be used creatively. They come in different colors. You can mix and match them and get a beautiful combination. Alstroemeria is named after the person who discovered it. Baron Claus Von Astromer was collecting seeds in Spain in 1753. It has 50 species, and it first originated in South America. Alstromeria flowers are not fragrant. When made into a bouquet, they bring beauty and color to a wedding.

Blushing Bride

This bouquet has white and soft petals. The petals have a baby pink color. This flower can grow up to 30 inches. As per their name, they symbolize that the man is on their way to propose. Everybody in the city would know what they intend to do. The bride to be would hence blush. These flowers can be paired with cream-colored bloom. They are a perfect fit for centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

Indian summer

It has copper orange and golden yellow flowers. It is bright and intense. It can be complemented by autumn oak leaves. It is arranged in a modern cube vase. The vase has a luscious shade of plum. This makes the environment very beautiful. It gives a set up a great ambiance.

Alstroemeria Aurea

This flower has small petals. This makes it look like an orchid. It has a golden yellow. This flower has darker stripes. They bloom early to mid-summer. This flower is mixed with other annual flowers. The combination makes an exquisite bouquet. The bouquets decorate a wedding set up. They can be used as a bridal bouquet too.

Basket Bouquet

This is a common choice for garden weddings. The alstroemeria flowers are arranged in an oasis. This is so that they won’t wilt quickly. They are also a common choice for flower girls. They are easier to carry.


It is a reliable hybrid. It is orange in color. The flowers grow from mid to late spring. It grows up to 4 feet tall. It has striking green leaves. They can be used as a centerpiece for wedding decorations. They make a set up very appealing. They can be combined with sunflowers, orange roses, and green poms.


This is a bright-colored flower. The flower has a candy pink color. It grows up to 3 feet tall. It is easy to grow and makes gorgeous bouquets in a vase for a centerpiece. They make a scene of contrast. They can be mixed with cream roses and natural scents.

Princess Eliane

This is free flowering and compact. The plant has dense branches. It is perennial. The flower is reliable, easy to grow and maintain. It is generally is a disease-free. It grows up to 12 inches tall. It has dark green leaves that are lance-shaped. It is filled with bright pink flowers. The flowers bloom from early summer to fall. It makes a stunning bouquet of freshly cut flowers. The bouquet can be mixed with other annual flowers to provide a striking color.

Alstroemeria Inticancha

It has crisp white flowers. The flowers are long-lasting, and they have streaks. They have an exceptional vase value. They are also lovely for the bouquet. These flowers can also be used to complement men’s attire at weddings. When mixed with a pop of purple and a rose, they spruce up the formalwear, as a boutonniere. The bouquet can be combined with other summer flowers. A wreath of these flowers can also be used for a centerpiece with a floating candle.


The flowers bloom from early summer to mid-summer. They have small petals. This makes them look like orchids. An advantage of using alstroemeria flowers in wedding décor is that they have an orchid look and are less costly. The petals have a bright orange color. There are darker color stripes. They form a bushy shape as they grow to form clumps. They are easy to grow and maintain. I weddings, their size and structure are ideal for a boutonniere. They do not have a scent and do not irritate the skin. They also make an adorable cost-effective bridal bouquet. The freckled petals bring maximum impact on the décor.

Alstroemeria light

The plant grows up to 3 feet tall. The flowers have pink, orange, and scarlet colors. They have stripes of yellow. Alstroemeria light bouquets are long life. They have a vase life of two weeks and have striking tiger markings. They Are Perfect for fleshing a classic bouquet. They can also be shaped for a perfect arrangement.

Princess Ivana

Vase with beautiful peony flowers on table; Shutterstock ID 675957526; Purchase Order: N/A

It has rosy pink petals and yellow throats. There are streaks on the inside of the petals. Its plant is compact and free flowering. It grows up to 16 inches in height. The flowers bloom in early summer to the fall. When cutting the flowers, you should pull them from the base. This helps in encouraging the plant to produce more blooms. The flowers are suitable for a vase and, in turn, ideal for centerpieces in wedding décor.


This flower brightens up a photoshoot set up at a wedding. It has bright scarlet petals. The petals have streaks and golden yellow marks. They bloom in early summer to fall. When arranged in mass, the décor is very appealing to the eye. The plant is easy to maintain and grow. The flowers should be cut from the base so that they can bloom in the future.

Mauve Majesty

The petals have a bright mauve color. They have streaks running throughout the petals. They have cream-white throats. It grows to 30 inches in height. The leaves of the plant have a lovely dark green color. They are used as the backdrop to the primary flowers. At weddings, they can be used for a boutonniere. This is because the patterns and streaks are well noticed.


Alstroemeria flower bouquets are ideal for wedding décor. They perfectly brighten up centerpieces. In boutonnieres, they correctly fly under the radar. They give the wedding a theme. The most important thing is that they don’t need to be combined with other flowers to make a bouquet. They can be used by themselves. From one stem of an alstroemeria plant, one can get about 6 clusters. They have their own contrasting inbuilt colors. The leaves of the plants are enough for the greenery. When mixed with different flowers to make a bouquet, the streaks and marks in flowers add a lot of interest.

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