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Choosing a bloom for your wedding decoration can prove to be hectic. All your life, you have trained to select the best anniversary flowers for friends. On other occasions, you choose new year flowers for your house decoration.  

There is no great distinction between wedding flowers and flowers for other occasions. There are only a few flower species that are for specific events. But flowers such as roses, peonies, carnations, lilies, tulips, etc., are universal. You can use them for any happy or sad event. What makes the difference is the color choice and the message that you intend to pass. 

Common Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

You can select any flower for your wedding bouquet. Some people prefer mixed flower bouquets while others prefer a monochrome. All the designs are okay. One bride in Sydney said that the flower decorations were inspired by anniversary flowers at her friend’s event. For sure, that was a beautiful inspiration. 

Several flowers are common during weddings. Below is a list of the flowers you will find in wedding decorations. 


Rose is the flower of love and beauty. Just as you love your beautiful bride, you want to shout through actions- you want to litter everywhere with beautiful roses. You will find it in many events with love as the main theme. Thus, they are common wedding anniversary flowers. But you can use them at your wedding reception.

Rose flowers have high demand. Thus, they are a bit expensive. You need to plan well for the flower budget. If you find it is too costly, you can mix the roses with other cheaper alternatives. 


If you are attracted to beauty, then the peonies should be your wedding flower choice. The flowers are voluminous. They have bright petals and a strong fragrance. The herbaceous peonies are popular as cut flowers as compared to tree peonies. It is because the tree peonies wilt after a short time. Peonies are seasonal, making them pricey.


After planning your wedding budget, you realize that you have exceeded your expectations. You do not have any more money to buy the roses that you wanted. That should not make you fret. There is a flower that you can substitute the roses with- the ranunculus. 

The flower uniquely executes beauty. It closely resembles a rose but has more petals, and the bloom is wide. It makes a fabulous single stem bouquet for the bride and the maids. It has many colors. Thus, you can select one that matches your wedding theme. 

Calla Lily

These are beauties from Africa. They have a trumpet shape that makes them unique. They exist in a variety of colors. Calla lilies are a symbol of magnificent beauty. 

You can create great outdoor decor with calla lilies. That is why they are gaining popularity in many events. You must have spotted them in many anniversary flowers and new year flowers. 


Gardenias have a lovely scent. Since a wedding requires all good things, it makes the gardenia a perfect selection for decorations. The creamy white flower with waxy green leaves looks exotic and stylish. Some people use a single gardenia as a corsage or hair accessory. 

The flower is relatively more expensive than most flowers in the market. It explains why they are not common. However, you should handle with care since they are delicate. 


For many years, people used carnations as filler flowers. They were used alongside other types like roses and peonies to fill a bouquet. However, since florists noticed their exotic beauty, they started using carnations as monochrome bouquets. 

Their petals have some frills. Also, they exist in different colors. This gives the bride and the groom room to choose what works for them. They are perennial flowers; you will find them at any time of the year,



For those who love simplicity, they can choose daisies. They have single petals sprouting from the middle. Gerbera daisies are the popular choice in many events. It is because they exist in many colors. You will have a range of hue choices if you settle for gerbera daisies.



Orchids are popular in bridal bouquets. Ignore the many times you have seen them in anniversary flowers. They create an atmosphere of mystery at a pre wedding photo as their fragrance fills the air. 

In many cases, they are added to flower arrangements to add the scent. The intense fragrance may cause allergic reactions to guests. But it’s your day; they can choose to stay away from the flowers. Use them as a focal point so that they are far from people and not trigger any discomfort.


Sometimes, you need your wedding flowers to be fluffy. Dahlias give you just that. You will find them in a range of colors. Their beauty is exceptional, and you can mix them with other flowers. 

Dahlias are larger than other flowers. Thus, when you use them in a bouquet, they look dominant. Their petals create some tiny trumpets within the flower. It gives the flower a honeycomb look. 


These natives of Persia are a symbol of consuming love and happy years. Since you have let love consume you into marriage, the best you can do is wish yourself happy years. They make beautiful handheld bouquets. If you want an exotic piece, mix different hues in one bouquet. 

The flowers are perennial and quite affordable. They make your wedding reception stand out even when you are on a tight budget. The flowers are useful in many other events. If you want some new year flowers, then tulips are a great choice. 


The flower has a meaning of marital happiness. Thus, it is among the best you can use in the wedding decoration. Since the flower is more inclined to marriage, you will rarely find it among the anniversary flowers. 

You can use them at the wedding reception. In most cases, it is used in the bride’s handheld bouquet. Its beauty is seen through its white, fluffy, star-shaped petals. Its waxy look gives the flowers a natural glitter.


If you are searching for wedding flowers, you can borrow ideas from your previous new year’s flowers. If you do not trust your selection, you can check several anniversary flowers from family and friends. 

By Anurag Rathod

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