Wedding Flowers

Celebrating your big day usually ends up making your wallet empty. With average cost of getting married in the UK rising, couples are now seeking ways to spend their money smartly. As flowers have a central role in adding the beauty of any events, it doesn’t mean to spend all of your budgets on lavish arrangements to fulfil the dream of your big day. Instead of paying a lot of your money blindly, you should learn some clever ways to save money on decorate wedding flowers. For example, you can check and avail of some great online deals such as zing flower discount codes.

Here are some smart hacks to help you cut down your floral costs without sacrificing the beauty of your event.

Set a Realistic Budget

Creating your floral budget should be the foremost step in your wedding planning. You need to discuss several details and logistics with a planner. A professional florist can help you estimate a budget based on your needs and desires. Although taking advice from an event organizer may be an extra expense for you, it can save your hundreds of dollars and time from being wasted. Make sure to discuss every little detail with your florist. In case, you talk about your favorite flowers, color, style, and theme of the event but neglect to discuss the charges, you will end up settling on the flowers that you can’t afford.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Although you can buy your favorite flowers throughout the whole year, opting for the seasoned flowers can help you save your several bucks. According to the varying seasons, types of flowers also vary. Know about the flowers that will bloom on your wedding season and stick to them. You can also look at the flowers that remain throughout the whole year, such as roses, orchids, carnations, etc. Avoid fixing your wedding ceremony on major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, etc. Celebrating a wedding on official holidays is not a wise idea to save money on wedding flowers. In such holidays, flowers’ prices can reach the sky, and you are likely to pay more than expected.

Use Flowers from Your Own Garden

If you are on a shoe-string budget and spending a lot on flowers may not seem the right option for you, go to utilize your own garden. See if there are any flowers in your basement that can bloom before your big day. If not, then consider planting some flowers so that they can be ready before at the time of your wedding. Maybe, your garden cannot meet your need in a rich way but a cost-effect way to save your floral budget.

Choose Artificial Flowers

Decorating a wedding venue with silk flowers is the way too cheaper option when compared to fresh flowers. Yes, you can enjoy a luxurious wedding view with artificial flowers too. The best thing about fake flowers is their ability to never fading away. So, you can reuse these flowers again and again in any other event by washing or just cleaning.

Pick a Naturally Beautiful Venue

The significance of natural views can never be underrated when it comes to saving money on wedding flowers. To do so, you can plan your wedding event on an outdoor venue such as a park, garden, at your backyard, mountaintops, etc. Such places are already loaded with stunning flowers and striking greenery that create an appealing view of the place. Natural scenes require little to no money on buying flowers and are a great source of making photos of your big day beautiful.

Don’t Be Choosy

Are you short on cash but want to celebrate every bit of your special day? No worries! You can still fulfil your decoration needs but with a little compromise. This compromise can truly be implemented while choosing your wedding flowers. So, ask your florists to propose several types of cheap flowers rather than sticking to buy only your favorite flowers. Be open to new suggestions for the florists if you want to save money on wedding flowers.

Narrow Down Your Guest List

Trimming your guest’s lists may seem awkward, but it can significantly cut down your money in several ways, and flowers are no exception. A large list of guests means you need to arrange more tables, and of course, more tables require more flowers. Thus, keeping the wedding venue small is also among the effective ways to save money on wedding flowers.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Wedding Events

Professional florists can charge a lot of your money as they ensure the high-quality and on-time flower arrangements. If you plan a small wedding event that doesn’t need to be arranged with highly qualified professionals, go for consulting with a florist who is a newbie and just building his portfolio. Be honest with your budget while picking flowers for your wedding. Now that you have learned all the smart yet easy hacks to save money on wedding flowers, implementing them is the key.

By Anurag Rathod

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