Wedding Centerpieces

Candles are one of the elements, which make the ambience romantic. Therefore, from dinner dates to wedding and reception, candles have now claiming place everywhere along with flowers, chocolates, and other décor essentials. 

In this blog post, you will learn some interesting do it yourself tips and tricks for wedding centerpiece decoration ideas. All wedding centerpiece ideas will roll around candles. 

1. Gold candle centerpieces

To give a picturesque appearance to the whole room or area, get enough gold candle centerpieces. Follow the below mentioned tips for pleasing wedding centerpiece décor using candles and gold candle centerpieces:

  • Get tall and short gold candle holders and other centerpieces. 
  • You need to get at least one candle holder per table.
  • For the master table, get five to ten tall and high holders and gold candle centerpieces to give it a charming look.
  • On every third table, put a tall candle holder and on the other tables short one. The tall wedding centerpiece will spread light and the short ones will add more essence of romance and ongoing conversations.

2. Water, Fire, and flower petals

Many couples hold completely opposite personalities like fire and water. Love between both blossoms like flowers. One of the best wedding centerpiece ideas for this kind of couple is here:

  • Get decorative candle holders, which have water at the bottom with some flower petals, glitter, and other décor elements in it.
  • The candle goes on the top.
  • Put this candle as a wedding centerpiece on the table of the bride and groom.
  • Additionally, decorate tables with some petals artistically spread over the table.

3. Mercury glass votive candle holders with scented candles 

One of the trending wedding centerpiece ideas is using mercury glass votive candle holders. It comes at pocket friendly rates. You can get this type of candle holders in different sizes, designs, and colors as well. 

  • Get the mercury glass votive candle holders  of the color and size that matches the wedding venue décor 
  • On each table, put multiple candle holders along with a bigger one as a wedding centerpiece.
  • Each holder can be decorated further with different colored and scented candles. This will enhance the ambiance and spread a different aura in the whole appearance.

4. Unique candle holders

To mirror the whole theme of the wedding décor, wedding centerpiece ideas can also be modernized. To match the mood and theme, unique candle holders can be used such as:

  • Lantern shape
  • Simple tapers
  • Wood holder
  • And more 

5. Colored candles for colorful people

In any part of the world, weddings are one of the most celebrated events. Therefore, adding the essence of humor to make it memorable for everyone would be fun. If you do not want to add humor, you can also make this day special for all guests by using colored candles reflecting their personalities. Follow this idea for unique wedding centerpiece decoration:

  • Use the candle colors to depict the personality of your family members. For example, blue colored candle wedding centerpiece could be perfect for passionate and most energetic people in the house. Pink colored candles with a beautiful gold candle centerpiece could be for bubbly girls in the family.
  • The wedding table of the bride and groom can have all or multiple colored candles with some other wedding decoration centerpieces to enhance its look.

Author Bio: Jayne Griffin is a content creator and senior marketer at SNK Enterprise. SNK Enterprise has a wide range of wholesale home decor accessories in USA for home decor and party decoration.

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