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Plan wedding decoration on eco friendly theme in 2020

Plan wedding decoration on eco friendly theme in 2020

Wedding has always been one of the best occasions in life to celebrate our special moments. On this occasion, we start a new journey with our soul mate with the oath of sharing the life path forever, till our last breath. Just as personal matters will always be in the priority list, there are other things to include as well, that will help the personal be alive. The ecological balance is a thing that, as citizens we have to keep an eye on. So, here are some eco-friendly wedding decoration themes for this year 

1) Greenery venue

Green is the ultimate color of earth. It is the green, that helps us survive n this world. SO, instead of choosing a palace made by cutting millions of trees, you can choose to celebrate your most special event of life amidst the nature itself. There are many locations in your city that provides so much of greenery that It feels fresher. Besides, a little tip- everyone wants to look the best in occasions. Green reflects every color the most beautiful way than any other color. So, this green wedding idea is one of the most eco friendly ways of celebrating your weather. 

2) Vertical Flower Wall

Flowers are the most beautiful of nature, after humans if you consider human is nature’s creation. Flower is a very eco-friendly way to decorate the place. From bouquets to chains to centerpieces- these are the most common ways of using flowers to decorate the party hall. The vertical flower wall is a very trending way to decorate your wedding place. A colorful vertical flower wall not only looks good in the party, it will also be a maxing place to have the best photos in the wedding as well. To get the best combination, you can consult the best florist in USA

3) Flower chandeliers/centerpiece

Flower chandeliers are the most beautiful ways to decorating the wedding hall. Chandeliers are the ancient hanging arrangement from the ceilings to reflect the decoration throughout the whole room. SO, flowers like tulips, carnations, gerberas and roses will make a good flower chandelier. Along with the chandeliers come the smaller centerpieces on the middle of the guest tables. Now you can use the same flowers as used in the chandeliers to keep the co-ordination. Or you can use the common flowers used for centerpieces like lily, chrysanthemums- any flowers having broader petals. You can order flowers online for delivery to get the best quality flowers for your wedding. 

4) Keep local vegetables

It is not only the decoration but also cuisine matters to make a celebration a grand one. Besides using local vegetables in cuisine you can also use the local vegetables in the decoration as well. You can make it look completely green with choosing the freshest of the natural ingredients. This is a unique idea which will make everyone of the guests appreciate the most eco-friendly way of decoration for wedding. 

5) Use Recycled Dinnerware

Recycling is one of the best ways of conservation, or rather eco-friendly decisions. We all know that wedding has something with brand new things. Everyone uses brand new clothes to other necessary things for wedding. But, there is a theme called vintage, where you can actually make use of things that are already used. You can use the recycled dinnerware processed from places to give your marriage a vintage touch. Such an idea will be one of the best ideas to make your wedding a unique celebration. Your guests will be amazed to see your initiative to save mother earth in this way. 

6) Get Booze in bulk

In occasions, boozing is one of the trendiest parts of celebrations. Instead of buying lots of bottles of beers, you can actually buy barrels of beers. That would be easier to reduce the amount of recycling and trash. Besides, there are eco-friendly clutters over the plastic cups that give us more opportunities to recycle. With keeping the eco-friendly theme in mind, you can grab these opportunities to make you wedding loom amazingly trendy and beautiful. And do not forget to decorate the drink corner with suitable flowers. It is best to order for same day flower delivery to get the quality flowers.

7) Use Last longer flowers

Flowers are no doubt look best when they are fresh. But some flowers are fortunate enough to look the same fresh even after cut for a number of days.  It is best to go for those flowers in occasions like wedding. Go for the last longer flowers in USA so that you can make use of it after the occasion as well. 

Above are the best ways you can utilize flowers as eco-friendly themes in decorating wedding halls. After all it is your wedding, the best event of your life! 

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