Gold Coast Property

A variety of Gold Coast properties are available on the real estate market. Besides that, there are also off-market properties that some owners do not advertise to have a private sale. For this reason, looking for a property shouldn’t be so hard.

However, if you want to ensure that your purchase will be worth your money, you have to be wise about the buying process. A buyer’s advocate can help you with that.

The Costs of Getting a Home or Investment Property in Gold Coast

Living in Gold Coast to experience its natural beauty or buying an investment property is an incredible idea. The living expenses are affordable despite being one of the capital cities of Australia. Aside from that, because the city has a fast-growing economy, getting a property for investment can also be profitable.

Compared to other capital cities in the country, Gold Coast has cheaper properties to choose from. If you want to have an idea about how much they usually cost, you can check the Gold Coast unit price range.

Real Estate Agents vs. Buyer’s Agents for Your Gold Coast Property

A good Gold Coast real estate agent and a buyer’s agent should be both familiar with the property purchase price in the city. However, they have significant differences. Real estate agents accept sales commission from the seller. The more properties they can sell, the higher their income will be. A real estate agent will give buyers a list of properties within the market as options.

On the other hand, buyers’ advocates work in the buyers’ best interests. They work only for home buyers by making suggestions, negotiating with the selling agent, and other essential parts of the buying process. Unlike real estate agents, they don’t get commissions from the property seller. They only strive to help buyers get a stress-free process of property purchase and save time.

Reasons to Get the Help of a Buyer’s Agent

Getting the full service of a buyers’ agent means additional expenses.  However, hiring a property advocate to help you with your purchase might be worth the costs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

Get the Best Property at the Right Price

Many sellers give a high starting price for the properties. But with the help of a buyer’s advocate, you can end up with a great deal and be able to agree on the right price for the property value. If your advocate is good, you might even get it for a lower price.

Lessen the Hassle of the Buying Process

Buying a new property means a new investment that will give you comfort or profit, depending on how you will use it. However, the process will still take time, especially if you want to make sure you’ll have no regrets in the end. 

If you hire a buyer’s agent, your workload will be lessened. It’s a good thing for buyers, considering the other responsibilities you have. Your advocate can do most of the difficult tasks while coordinating with you.

Get Help on Checking the Area

A licensed buyer’s advocate in Gold Coast will know the city and what needs to be checked about the area. Of course, before moving to a new house, you have to know if it’s easy to live there and get access to public transportations, schools, etc. If you use it as an investment, you still have to know if the area will make your property have a high value in the future. 

Ensure that the Property is Inspected Well

There are stories where some buyers get problmes with the properties sold to them after a while. Some of them find that the property has issues and there are damages that require expensive repairs. To avoid that, you need to ensure that your property is inspected well and minimize the chances of experiencing future problems.

Aside from that, you also have to check for pest infestations in every corner of the house. It can be annoying to find out there are pests when you have already purchased the house. Plus, you’ll have to pay for pest control services. If you have a buyer’s advocate, you can ensure that all the necessary inspections will be done so you can have the issues fixed, if there are any, before buying the property.


Getting a new house or investment property in Gold Coast shouldn’t be too challenging as long as you have the money. There are many property owners that want their house or establishment to get sold, and most of them will give buyers offers.  However, if you want to ensure that you get the best one in the property market, you can consider getting the service of a buyer’s agent. With expert advice and professional help, you can get the best deal and property you like.

By Anurag Rathod

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