9 Reasons to Add Sterling Silver to Your Jewelry Collection

Synonymous with opulence and luxury, silver carries connotations of wealth. Ever heard the expression “they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth”? There’s a good reason for it. Sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, and it brings a touch of elegance to jewelry boxes around the world. Here, we’ll offer a few reasons to add sterling silver pieces to your collection.

Sterling Silver Has Antimicrobial Properties

Silver has long been known to kill viruses and infectious bacteria, and it’s commonly used in the creation of medical equipment and tools. Furthermore, it works to heal wounds and manage illnesses. With its proven benefits, adding a few silver pieces to a jewelry collection may be an easy way for a wearer to boost their overall health.

It’s Long Lasting

When it’s well cared for, sterling silver can last a lifetime. In fact, some people own pieces that look virtually unchanged after decades! Authentic silver jewelry can be expensive, but its value justifies its cost. If you’re searching for a unique family heirloom, consider a permanent bracelet made of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver is Trendy, Yet Timeless

Anyone who keeps up with jewelry and fashion news knows that trends can change in an instant. It’s tough to know what’s in and what’s not, but sterling silver is perennially popular. Even when trends come and go, silver will always be in style.

For instance, uncut gems are a spring and summer staple, and they’re often set in silver. By keeping some sterling silver in your rotation, you’ll stay trendy with a timeless touch.

It’s a Great Accent

Many people wear sterling silver to call attention to certain features. For instance, larger earrings and thin necklaces will call attention to the wearer’s face. By choosing the right silver pieces, it’s possible to bring viewers’ attention to almost any part of the body.

Plenty of Options

Silver is a soft metal that’s easy to mold and shape—so there are always new designs to love. Sterling silver jewelry is available in so many designs and styles that you’re sure to find a piece (or ten) that matches your style. Whether it’s a ring, pendant, bracelet, or anklet, there are tons of options.

It’s Easy to Start a Collection

The wide availability of silver jewelry makes it simple to start or upgrade a collection. While some wearers build looks around statement pieces, such as chunky necklaces, others aren’t as adventurous. Not to worry, though; silver works with most other metals. For those high-end building collections, sterling silver is a worthy addition.

It’s Versatile

Sterling silver is appropriate for almost every occasion. Whether it’s a gala event or a casual dinner party, silver jewelry will look right at home. It lends a timeless, classy look to any outfit, even when it’s worn with jewelry made from other metals. With sterling silver, it’s easy to create a look that’s completely your own.

Silver is Hypoallergenic

Unlike costume jewelry made of base metals such as brass and nickel, which can irritate sensitive skin, sterling silver pieces don’t contain metals that cause allergic reactions. This is particularly important for pierced earrings, as the hypoallergenic nature of silver decreases the risk of infection.

It’s Low-Maintenance

As nice as silver looks, many are reluctant to wear it because of its tendency to tarnish with time. After all, it can be quite disheartening to see a cherished piece look discolored and dirty when it has rarely been worn! While all silver tarnishes eventually, regular wear minimizes the problem. Natural oils found in the skin cleanse the metal, keeping it shiny. Even if silver jewelry does get tarnished, a wipe with a silver polishing cloth or a varnish will restore its luster.

Sterling Silver is a Great Choice for All Occasions

When it’s time to upgrade your look, it’s impossible to go wrong with silver jewelry. It’s classy, timeless, versatile, elegant, and affordable. With hundreds of style options to choose from, it’s easy to build an enviable collection at a fraction of the price of other precious metals. Now is a great time to start buying sterling silver jewelry, which will look great with every outfit and shine on every occasion.