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6+ Gifts for Every Flower Lover

6+ Gifts for Every Flower Lover

Flower lovers are unique people. Besides the soft petals and sweet scents, they love floral packages. You can even find that they have more floral clothing than plain and other patterns. So it is easy to choose a gift for floral lovers. Also, you can take the items to flower delivery Cyprus, so they pack them with exotic flowers for deliveries.

When you are low on budget, an exotic flowers bouquet will serve the purpose. All you need is to add some of their favorite blooms to the gift set. Here are the bouquets and gifts you can send to any flower lover you know. 

Wildflower Garden Seed Starter Kit

Summer splashes flower lovers with a variety of flowers and colors. However, the joy is short-lived. The flowers wither away, and there are minimal to be seen during winter. They can only enjoy the flowers from florists. However, they need to dig deeper into their pockets. Flowers are more expensive in winter than in summer. 

You can revive the joy of a flower lover with wildflower garden seeds. First, check with flower deliveries in Cyprus for available seeds. That will enable them to grow some exotic flowers indoors. 

The Flower Recipe Book

Flower arranging may take days to weeks. However, they may not grasp everything in a few classes; Therefore, you can save them the hassle if you give them a flower recipe book as a gift. Then, they can use it to learn about several flower arrangements and combinations at their pace. 

The flower recipe book is like the Bible for flower arrangements. It gives you the basics and insights into flower settings. But, it can also trigger your inner creativity and create some unique and stunning flower arrangements. 

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Flower scents constitute a significant ingredient in aromatherapy. They help your nerves relax, and your mind achieves some calm. Thus, there are plenty of scented unwind gift sets. Lavender is a typical scent for such sets. This classic gift set does not only contain lavender oil. It also has a lavender grow kit, sleep mask, soft towel, pillow spray, and scented candles. 

Floral Fragrance Jar

These floral fragrance jars may resemble the traditional potpourri. However, they are artistic botanicals that release flowery scents over time. As a result, you won’t need to use air fresheners in your house.

With all the benefits that floral fragrance hades have, they are the best gifts you can offer flower lovers. Check the types of floral fragrance jars you can get at flower deliveries Cyprus. 

Personalized Gold Floral Necklace

Ladies are the greatest flower lovers. Also, they love jewelry. Thus, a piece of jewelry is an excellent gift item to accompany exotic flowers.

Get your friend a personalized gold floral necklace. We know gold items are expensive, that should not stop you from sending your friend a gold necklace. You can have a gold-plated chain at an affordable price. They can re-plate the necklace any time the coating fades away. But if you have a cash advantage, you can get them a genuine gold chain. 

Glow and Grow Scented Candles Grow Kit

Flower scented candles are lovely- they fill your space with summery fragrance. You can get the candles in flower scents or herb scents. Along with that, you get some indoor growing seeds. Once the candle flame goes out, the ceramic container can act as a planter. The recipient will get more than flowers and candles. 

Exotic Flower Subscription 

There is one gift a flower lover will never stop loving. It’s an endless supply of fresh and exotic flowers. You can sign them up with flower delivery in Cyprus to deliver their flowers monthly or twice a month. If the recipient is so dear to you, then you can sign them for a 12-month subscription.

You can frequently add some gift items to the exotic flower deliveries. When you do this, you are sure to keep the recipient happy for a whole 12 months. 

Advise flower delivery Cyprus to send different kinds of flowers. They can even source for the recipient some beautiful and rare flowers. So it should be one year where they experience the beauty of nature to the fullest. 


Flower delivery Cyprus allows you to add some gifts to your flower package. However, you need to consult them to check what they allow. In addition, the packaging and delivery cost may increase due to the nature and the size of the item. 

There are several gifts you can send alongside exotic flowers. First, ensure the item is not very large or of high value. Then, you should be ready to pay the extra cost.

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