Ruby gemstone

Out of the 9 precious gemstones (Navratna), gemstone Ruby is known to be the “King of Gems” is a vibrant red gemstone with various healing and metaphysical properties. Its magnificence and powers made it the most loved valuable gemstone of the Kings in ancient times. Commonly it is available in the shades of pink-hued red to pigeon blood red and found in parts of Asia like India, Burma, Thailand.

It is effective in healing an individual mentally and physically if worn properly as per the advice of an expert astrologer-cum-chakra therapist. Gemstones are not just worn as per astrological analysis but also as per Chakra analysis. The Ruby gemstone is usually worn to reduce the malefic effects of the Sun, or, to enhance the power of the Sun in one’s life leading to experience the royal and majestic life.

Astrological Importance

Ruled by Sun, Ruby symbolizes fame, reputation, success and good health. It gives immense mental strength to the wearer and it is strongly recommended to individuals having ill-positioned Sun on their horoscope. It is considered to be an extremely imperial gem for the longest of times.

The beautiful looking Ruby holds magical powers that manifest the energy of the Sun planet and bestow the wearer with compassion, command, riches, good health and well-being. Ruby rings, bracelets or necklaces can be worn to acquire the astrological benefits of Ruby gemstone.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

Self-confidence: The wearer develops high self-confidence that guides him/her towards the path of success. Those who have Sun as the Atmakaraka in their birth chart experience great improvement in self-confidence after wearing Ruby.

Protection from malefic of Sun: If the Sun is unfavourably positioned on a native’s birth chart then wearing Ruby can protect him/her from the malefic effects of the Sun. It also works on pacifying the negative effects and drawing the positive energies of the Sun.

Marital Bliss: Ruby is recommended to couples who wish to enhance their relationship and bring harmony. The couple can feel a sense of passion and revive their connection with each other. It helps the couples to settle on decisions with mutual understanding.

Fame: Wearing Ruby attracts fame and helps build a trusted and credible reputation in the field that you are working in.

Health: Known as the “stone of health”, Ruby improves the overall health of the wearer and it is believed to improve physical ailments like problems related to blood, pancreas and stomach.

Lifts Mood: Ruby is also one such gemstone that elevates the mood of the wearer and eliminates depressive and negative thoughts and clears the vibrations.

Authority and Luxury: Ruby is called Ratnaraja meaning the “King of Gems” and it definitely lives up to its name. Those who have well-positioned Sun on their birth chart can wear Ruby to bring wealth and luxury in life. It also gives the ability to be commanding and blesses the wearer with great support from administration and state authorities.

Good Paternal Relation: According to Vedic astrology, Sun is honoured as a father and Ruby being associated with it enhances the paternal relation of the wearer. If the Sun is not in a favourable position on the birth chart, one might feel stress or weak connection with his/her father so wearing Ruby helps mend the relationship.

Financial Stability: It stabilizes the wearer financially and enables the flow of wealth and opulence. Ruby gemstone increases the standard of living by raising the status of an individual economically.

Who can wear Ruby?

Gemstones should be worn after consulting an astrologer-cum-chakra expert in the field to obtain its positive benefits and avoid any negative impact. Gemstone Ruby is usually recommended to those who have ill-positioned Sun on their natal chart. The ones looking to gain popularity and fame can wear Ruby.

Also, individuals having health problems can adorn Ruby gemstone in an ornament and imbibe its healing benefits. Apart from this, professionals in stockbroking, geology and medical stream can also wear Ruby gemstone. It gives them encouragement to achieve success in their respective careers and work.

How to check if Ruby is real?

There are various tests to determine the originality of Ruby gemstone. You can also take professional advice and visit a trusted seller to ensure if the gemstone is real. The easiest ways to tell if a Ruby is genuine are given below.

The best way to check if a Ruby gemstone is original is by doing a Rub Test. Scratch a hard surface and a soft surface with your Ruby gemstone. A real Ruby gemstone does not leave any colour so if you see any red stain on the surface, the stone is definitely not original.

Another way of determining the genuineness of a Ruby is Scratch Test. Ruby is the second hardest gemstone after Diamond and nothing other than Diamond can create a scratch on Ruby. It is rated 9.0 on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. In this test, you can try scratching the gemstone with a coin, key or similar other item and if you see any scratch marks, the stone is not real.

It is always advisable to wear a gemstone after seeking expert guidance to bring positive changes in life. Ruby surely brings a wonderful feel and look to the wearer with its best benefits.

By Anurag Rathod

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