5 Kansas Road Trips to Take Over a Weekend

Living in a place like Lawrence, Kansas, has some major perks to it. You get the conveniences of the big city with the small-town friendly atmosphere. 

Lawrence was rated as one of the ten least stressful places to live in the country. The city has a seriously low crime rate and was named the top retirement city by Forbes magazine.

Lawrence is also home to Kansas City University, and it is full of social activities for young people.

But sometimes, you just need to get away for a while. Luckily, the city is conveniently located near a lot of amazing hot spots. 

For someone looking to take a road trip and get out of town with only a weekend to do it, that’s a major advantage.

Whether you’re over the grind of the daily schedule or you just need to get away for a while, try these five local road trips. They’re all within three hours from the center of Lawrence, giving you plenty of time to explore! There are so many things to do in Kansas City that it is an ideal holiday destination for travelers.

1. Osage City, KS

Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts can take Hwy 75 and head straight to Osage City for a full weekend. It’s not a common tourist destination, but there is plenty to keep you busy.

Things to Do in Osage City

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, check out the skydiving excursions. The scenic view over the city is the perfect beginner’s starting point. It’s also a great trip to add to your list if you’re a frequent flyer (er, diver). 

Other exciting must-sees include the Heartland Park auto racetrack, Glacier’s Edge Winery, and a variety of historical museums.

If this is an overnight trip, there are plenty of clean and budget-friendly hotels. You can always try the camping experience and book an overnight stay at Eisenhower State Park

With nearly 2,000 acres to explore, you can fill your day with hiking, fishing, and boating. Then, sleep peacefully under the stars in a yurt or cabin.

2. Topeka, KS

Topeka is full of history and adventure. Even if history was never your favorite subject, it’s easy to find something for everyone in the capital city.

Start your visit with a stop at the Evel Knievel Museum to see how the 20th century’s favorite daredevil changed the world. His bold feats broke multiple world records until his death in 2007.

From there, take in some history at the state’s capitol building and the Brown vs. Board of Education Historic Site.

Walk around the zoo and the various parks, then freshen up at a local brewing company. Before you head home the next day, stop by the Owl’s Nest Antique Mall and Flea Market for your souvenirs.

3. Mayetta, KS

Looking to hit the nightlife for a little more excitement? Mayetta hosts the nearest casino to Lawrence: Prairie Band Casino and Resort.

Gambling doesn’t have to be in the cards when you visit the resort, but there’s lots of it available! You’ll also enjoy multiple restaurants, nightly shows, and a lobby bar.

You can stay at the resort or at one of the many nearby hotels. Bring a big group of friends with you — everyone can chip in and stay at the Prairie Meadows Lodge. With four bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a fireplace, there’s plenty of room. Situated away from the noise and lights of the casino, it’s the perfect place to relax after a long week.

4. Joplin, MO

Within three hours, you can be in another state exploring the natural beauty of Joplin’s majestic Grand Falls.

Missouri is home to this spectacular waterfall, famous for being the largest non-stop waterfall in the state. It’s a 12-foot-high, 163-foot-wide, continuously flowing masterpiece.

If you want to enjoy the water, the falls are best visited in the summer and early fall. The creek pools are open to swimmers and anyone interested in fishing. 

Get there early to catch the sunrise. On your way back home, stop at Inspiration Point and the neighboring McClelland Park to finish off the road trip.

5. Atchison, KS

Maybe you’re looking for a road trip with a little less thrill than a skydive but more drama than a historical museum. Atchison could be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you love the thrills and chills of a haunted house, head to Atchison’s Sallie House. Its popularity attracts visitors from all over looking for paranormal evidence. 

The History of Atchison’s Sallie House

Built in the early 1900s, it was the home of the town’s physician. When a mother showed up with her sick six-year-old, the story begins …

Sallie died while undergoing surgery without anesthesia, and she stuck around to haunt the man who killed her.

Take a visit to the house during the day, and you might see moving objects and feel physical touches or unexplained cold areas. You never know what might happen when Sallie is around.

You can even sign a waiver and stay overnight there, if you dare …

But if that’s too creepy for you, there’s always nearby Warnock Lake Campground. After a day spent exploring the nooks and crannies of the creepiest home in the city, why not spend the night camping in the woods?

Surely, Sallie wouldn’t have followed you there. Would she?


You work hard all week. A vacation — even if it’s just for the weekend — is just what the doctor ordered.

With these five completely different local road trips, there’s no excuse not to go and have a great time!

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