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Looking forward to a thrilling ATV ride? Before looking for ATV rental, you have to understand some essential items to keep handy. These are for your safety and comfort to guarantee a wonderful experience. Arriving with these items when you come to book ATV rental means that you’re prepared to maneuver any situation during your ride.

Must-Have Items You Need Before Booking An ATV


This seems obvious but its importance can’t be overemphasized. Riding an ATV requires wearing your helmet. You will appreciate this when maneuvering the Glamis landscape at high speed. Any fall while riding regardless of your speed can potentially become fatal. So, a helmet is an essential item to protect your head from injuries in case of a fall.

Even if you fall when wearing a helmet, you are less likely to get a serious injury on the head. Keep in mind that ATV rental companies require renters to wear a helmet before venturing out. You can carry your own or get one from the ATV rental agency.


For your safety and comfort, while riding an ATV, goggles are essential. The goggles keep the eyes protected from sand, dirt, wind, or debris that you’re likely to kick up while riding. Protection from these ensures that you enjoy your ride without worrying about obscuring your vision. For top ATV rentals in Glamis (, carrying goggles is very important or you can rent from the agency. You will ride with your eyes always open when wearing goggles.


Equally important is to wear riding gloves before you hit the landscape on an ATV. The gloves ensure the comfort and safety of your hands while riding ( Additionally, the riding gloves come in handy to keep your hands protected from any cuts or scrapes.

It is very hard to miss these when riding or in case of a fall. Besides, the riding gloves ensure that you have a firm grip. Riding with bare knuckles is quite uncomfortable regardless of the weather. Not forgetting to carry gloves is a wonderful way to avoid rider’s remorse.

Jacket or sweatshirt

Apart from the eyes and head, you also need to carry a jacket or sweatshirt to protect your upper body in case of a fall. You can carry one in a backpack or put on one before you set off. The chances of the weather changing in the middle of a ride are quite high. So, having a riding jacket will protect you from wishing you had heavier clothing. Having warmer clothes is very important depending on how long you are to be riding and the time for your ride.


Having a backpack handy is a wise move when planning a ride on an ATV. It is in the backpack where you can keep some essential items. You can keep your bottle of drinking water, change of clothes, and other personal items in the backpack. However, ensure to get a bag that won’t cause you discomfort while riding. Other items you can keep in the backpack include:

  • Mobile phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • iPod
  • Other accessories

Water bottle

When riding in summer, having some drinking water handy is very important. Regardless of how long your ride is to last, water is a necessity of life. You can’t tell when you might desire a sip. So, carry a bottle or two to have peace of mind that nothing is going to go in your way while enjoying your ride. A drinking water bottle will guarantee your safety and comfort by ensuring that you keep cool and hydrated ( throughout your expedition.

Spare clothes and shoes

Depending on how you dress when leaving home, you might need a change of clothes before getting on the ATV. Alternatively, you might need a change of clothes after the ride. This is very important in case you fall and the clothes you’re wearing get filled with dirt. Equally important is to wear appropriate shoes before the ride. If you come in sandals, you have to replace them with strong riding boots.

Phone charger

A mobile phone is an essential item regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. It comes in handy when you get an emergency. Additionally, you might want to take various photos through your ride to upload on Facebook and Instagram. So, a charger comes in handy just in case the phone battery becomes low. Having a fully charged phone is very important when going on a long ride or planning to take photos.


Riding an ATV is a physically demanding activity. So, apart from having some drinking water, snacks are necessary as well. You will have to keep replenishing the lost energy throughout the ride. After riding for an hour or two, you are likely going to appreciate why you carried some snacks. Having a quick bike in your backpack allows refueling when taking a break. Any snack is ideal as long as you’re not riding on a grumbling stomach.


Spending hours riding in the blazing sun exposes your skin to harmful light from the sun. So, don’t forget to throw some sunscreen in your backpack. You will appreciate why you did so when the sun comes glaring at you. Keep in mind that the riding area is likely not to have many places where to take cover from the sun.

Bottom line

Having the essentials above handy is key to enjoying your ATV ride. Luckily, a reliable ATV rental will have items such as gloves, helmets, and goggles for hire to ensure your comfort and safety.

By Anurag Rathod

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