Kitchen Fitters Stratford:

If you’re looking for a new kitchen or bathroom in the Stratford area, EEV Company offers a completely tailored design, stock, and appropriate service. Our Kitchen Fitters Stratford looks after each feature of your kitchen and bathroom installation, serving you find the seamless solution, at an accurate price. We take attention to obtaining the materials, flooring, building work, appliances, cabinets, tiles, electrics, and plumbing.

Our responsive staff is here to guide you around our tremendous show kitchens and help you select from our inclusive variety of appliances. We specialise in up-to-date kitchen design with premium surfaces such as granite and quartz. Visit us in-store to discuss design thoughts for your dream kitchen and take a look at the whole thing we have to offer in the

Kitchens Stratford Services:

If you’re looking for a fully new kitchen or just to give your present kitchen a stirring new remodeling our Kitchen Fitters Stratford can help!

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We listen, assist you and guide you through from your preliminary visit to your done kitchen or bathroom project, adding value every stage of the way. For more info and details of our full assortment of kitchens and bathrooms please contact us.


Not all kitchens are formed equal. It’s not until you give a little deeper that you start to know that looks can be deceptive. For instance; the stiles and railings of our wooden doors are made from solid kiln-dried timbers, unlike some producers. No seals here. We are penetratingly proud of the fact that our cupboards use glue and dowel building for added strength. Not so that we can charge a premium but so we can certify our goods are of the best quality.

Our kitchen manufacturing partner hires modern hi-tech machinery. This may not mean much when you’re looking for a new kitchen but when you contemplate the fact that it allows them to manufacture our products more professionally here, it means we can guarantee the kitchens we supply offer you excellent quality and worth for money.

When you guise at what goes into making your kitchen, you understand that quality is more than just skin deep. It takes commitment and a desire for fine skill, and that comes from our industry-leading manufacturing partner. They take conceit in their work and know-how to craft the seamless kitchen.

Their care to detail limits the fanatical, so logically, they only use the best components. Take the pivots, for example, they use the best ‘in-line’ hinge plates. This makes adjusting the door height easy. All our kitchens are hand-ended also. Our solid timber doors are polished by hand, as no machine can ever duplicate the finish that we need. Certain key components are also still tailored by hand, so we can confirm acceptances are precise and our products will offer years of straightforward service.

This courtesy to detail doesn’t just end when a kitchen is manufactured. It’s that rigid quality and inclination to create something accurately remarkable that makes our kitchens so special.

Add Value & Enjoyment to Your Home:

It’s no top secret that changing an aging kitchen is one of the informal and most lucrative ways to add value to your home. More than any additional feature, a modern kitchen can raise the apparent value of a home more than the cost of truly doing the renovation.  For those who are looking to vend a home, this kind of renovation makes good monetary sense.

The one problem with this is that once you’ve refurbished your kitchen, you may choose that you want to stay in your home.  After all, the possessions that make a new kitchen striking to a home buyer will also make your own home more gorgeous to you.

A new kitchen is less luxurious than you may think, and it can add satisfaction and value to your home.  Why not book a discussion with EEV Company to see what is conceivable.  Our knowledgeable staff can create an attractive and functional custom kitchen design for your home.

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