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The 3 YouTube Analytical Tools You Need

The 3 YouTube Analytical Tools You Need

The YouTube Era Today

Technology has provided us with different opportunities, whereas a majority of these opportunities have changed the way we followed and used some of the services. Earlier, communicating with a close acquaintance required a landline phone connection which we would only use for something very important as incoming and outgoing charges were imposed. Ever since cellular phones were invented, landlines were found being eliminated from the environment. Today, landlines are only found in a formal organisation or in a public place where the need can develop unknowingly. Similarly, there had been a trend of watching specific TV shows only the time when they were aired. We all can recall those times when there was complete silence and the lounges were occupied as a particular serial or a show was being aired. However, the trend soon got minimised as the concept of repeat telecast was introduced. Today, other than watching live shows such as sports or news, the television is hardly accessed by any of us or our family members. The trend has switched to technical well-being and YouTube has taken over the need for television, we can say successfully. It is all business and how well you offer your services and get people attracted. YouTube follows a mechanism of entertainment in your pocket where you never have to wait for a particular time to watch repeat programs. Besides, there are videos available from numerous genres, probably ones you would never even have heard before.

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Is YouTube Beneficial and Providing Growth Opportunities Frequently?

Earlier, when YouTube emerged as a game-changer, we all perceived it as a platform where we can come and “watch” some of the programs and videos of our choice, searching the world for it and having it buffered in seconds. However, the perception completely changed as YouTube made stronger grounds in the market, opening an opportunity for potential content creators to make their videos and upload them on their channels, which can attract views from all over the world. This trend continued for a fair period when YouTube introduced monetisation. This was an opportunity to earn from the views and subscribers you gained during your YouTube upload journey. This was the major change that completely changed the dynamics of YouTube and it helped several talented individuals, who were unemployed but their skills allowed them to showcase their talent on the web through YouTube and earn a satisfactory living. Soon, the channels of early YouTubers grew tremendously and they were making a handful of amounts within a month. This not only encouraged new content creators to come forward with their ideas, but it also stimulated brands and companies to approach different YouTubers to advertise their products and services, while YouTube was being paid an agreed subscription by certain brands and companies to include their advertisements in every YouTube video.

Today, YouTube has certain channels which have billions of subscribers and their views have hit the verge, changing the dynamics drastically. However, competition has been increasing ever since before and YouTubers have to change competitive challenges every day. Hence, there is some key YouTube Analytics Tool which you should acknowledge and use if you are a YouTube content creator or are willing to be one. These Analytics Tools allow YouTubers to optimise the quality of their content so that the reach is extended positively and maximum benefits are obtained from every video uploaded.

3 Key YouTube Analytics Tools You Must Acknowledge and Plan on Using Them Extensively

To aid intense competition within the YouTube world, there is a certain key YouTube Analytics Tool that you can emphasise adopting. These are highlighted and illustrated for their significance as follows:

Unbox Social

This is an important analytics tool that keeps track of your routine YouTube Performance. Everyone is out on YouTube, trying to make effective and attractive videos that can gain maximum views and turning them into loyal subscribers. Keeping a track of such activities on your channel is important such as the speed at which you are gaining new subscribers, the range of your video being shared, etc.

Channel Meter

Another key analytics tool that you could consider using for your YouTube channel is the channel meter. Channel meter is a statistical tool that develops and maintains graphs of your performance so that you can measure and revert to a time when a particular upload didn’t go as per your expectations and look for solid reasoning to have such a situation avoided in the future.


Opportunities at YouTube have grown significantly and several known YouTubers are operating more than one channel. This can be a beneficial and profitable opportunity but managerial responsibilities become challenging. Hence, multiple YouTube channels can be managed using the Quaintly application in which every channel can be monitored, planned and controlled separately without any compromise on your content’s quality.

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