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Like other room layouts, the unique room arrangement makes the most of the available space while also being appealing to the eye. Circulation, or the ease of moving about the area, is critical. It’s not ideal to stub your toe against the coffee table every time you cross the room. When considering living room décor ideas, it’s essential to consider the proportions of each object in the area. In the showroom, an oversized couch with two comfortable armchairs may be excellent, but in your home, it may entirely wall off your living area.

Most Indian living rooms, in fact, most living rooms, include various sitting choices, the most important of which is the main couch. People sometimes choose to get a couch set, such as a three-seater with two one-seaters or a pair of two-seaters.

Other times, complementing or accent armchairs, a chaise longue, a settee or a bench, floor poufs or ottomans, or floor poufs or ottomans provide extra seating centered around the contemporary couch design. Other living room furniture examples include a center table, side table(s), entertainment unit, and bookcase or display unit. Continue reading to learn how to arrange these items in your living room in various ways. Buy sofa set online in India form Craftatoz.

The Winning Corner ‘L’ – Sofa Set Arrangement

While there are other ways to incorporate an L-shaped couch into a living room, one of the most popular is against the wall. This arrangement utilizes a corner of your living room without windows and places the couch flush against the wall, leaving no gap between the sofa and the wall. This provides enough seats and the most available floor space for additional smaller pieces of furniture. The giant pouf completes the sitting, while two matching side tables placed on each end of the couch offer a hint of symmetry. Remember to light up the corner, but keep the overhead lighting soft and diffused, so the person(s) sitting immediately below aren’t bothered.

A Symphony Of Symmetry And Asymmetry

An asymmetrical image is incredibly appealing to the eye. The sofa set online set, side tables, and accent pieces may all be used in the same way to create this. The setup divides the space in half and mirrors each other. For a proper form, this is perfect. Asymmetrical balance is another excellent interior design element. In this scenario, the space is balanced by the recurrence of similar shapes, proportions, lines, and colors rather than precise replication. The darker grey main couch is the center point in this photograph, with the other pieces radiating around it. Though the two sofas flanking the main one are not identical, their shape, proportions, and color are very similar.

Creating A Zoning Zone

Instead of employing taller items like open bookshelves, seated furniture is ideal for visually demarcating distinct zones in an open plan arrangement, particularly a combined living and dining area. In this vast room, the couches and bench arranged around the center table help to define the sitting area. To anchor the furniture, place an area rug in the center. This also works in substantial living rooms, where the space may be divided into two smaller sitting sections rather than one huge one. Buy sofa online India from Craftatoz.

Sofa Set Arrangement In A Sector With Sectionals

An L-shape may also be used to create a cocoon around the sitting area, with one arm back against the wall and the other arm making a cocoon around the seating space. The long arm of the couch is usually positioned against the wall, leaving the shorter side open. Take a look at this contemporary sofa design, which makes efficient use of an L-shaped sofa set online in the living area. The sofa’s length is positioned to face the screen for optimal viewing, a configuration that works well in most living rooms that also serve as a television room. The shorter arm is against the wall, creating an open impression in the small space. Instead of utilizing the short side to demarcate this zone visually, they’ve employed an accent chair and an area rug, which accomplishes the same goal while leaving the space open. The lightness is enhanced with a pastel color scheme and a few tables with short legs.

The use of an area rug to anchor the room’s sitting area is one of the most famous living room décor ideas. If you have the space, you may amp up the style by utilizing a circular rug and arranging the chairs around it rather than in a circle, as seen in this picture. The circular image is layered with a rounded center table. Check out Craftatoz for sofa set low price.

Sofa Set Layout Is Versatile And Multi-Functional

While the more extensive seating stays permanent, some living room configurations include smaller, multi-functional pieces that may be arranged in various ways. Take the lime green ottoman, for example, which may be utilized as additional seating around the center table as needed. Layering the area with lighter, moveable things help increase the room’s utility and space efficiency.

Sofa Set Arrangement – Closer Together

While it may seem counterintuitive, contemporary sofa online India design favors moving furniture closer together rather than flat against the wall, particularly the main sofa, to open up a space. This design’s rationale is that putting everything against separate walls might occasionally result in an uncomfortable void in the middle. It might also be used to emphasize a smaller living room’s tight proportions. So, if something doesn’t appear quite right, try shifting the furniture a bit closer to the center of the room. Seating with slender legs, such as the one seen above, lifts the mass off the floor, making the space seem lighter and airier.


When designing the living room, the best place to begin is with the big-ticket pieces, such as the couches and the seating that goes with them. While the elements of the space and your lifestyle will ultimately determine where they go, we’ve gathered a list of ideas that have been tried and true in Indian households. So, whether your living room is big or tiny, with or without a view, you’ll find at least one of these ideas to suit your needs.

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