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Do you also take your time before coming out of bed to face the world, especially during winter days? The persistent need for staying warm and looking stylish gives you costume anxiety, and you end up looking dope. Winter Jackets are such staples of your wardrobe that you can never turn your back towards them.

Not for only providing you a fashionable look but also keep you warm against scorching cold winds. Some people think they have to pick one between fashion and comfort, but that’s not true. There are so many options to dress exquisitely during winters and steal the spotlight with your chic style.

Now imagine traveling during winters, the most hurtful experience, and who wants to leave the idle routine and move their arses? No one! Though not for picnic and vacation, for office work you could have to travel. From packing to stepping out, everything about winter is hectic, but sometimes saying no can because you troubles.

Here is an unpopular opinion that traveling during winters is the most fun task. Don’t think of it as tough feet but think about the beauty you are going to experience. From packing stuff to wearing stylish clothes, everything about traveling seems too much to do, so here are some ten traveling outfits to keep you in the perfect silhouette while making traveling easier for you.

  1. Flex your inner fashionista with the simplest Travel Outfit ever. Keep it easy and casual with the skinny chinos, a full-sleeved shirt if the weather is moderately cold. You can always replace this t-shirt with a sweater. After getting these two essentials, add a long trench coat with a beanie over your head. Here comes the most important part — SHOES! Your whole traveling experience depends on your footwear. So go with sneakers if you have to spend most of the time walking.
  2. Don a monotonous outfit with an edgy and trendy style. This is the most incredible and versatile look which will never go wrong. Slip-on a sweater with the same colored wide-legged trousers and add a spectrum of colors to it with a long coat in the lighter shade or darker shade according to your outfit. Also, add a pair of ankle boots to your ensembles to keep your feet comfortable and warm.
  3. Have the sleekest style with leggings and an oversize shirt. The most trust-worthy pair for short-distanced traveling is leather tights with an oversized sweater and a pair of sneakers to complete this look. Now add sunglasses and a backpack to make this look complete; you can also add a Winter Jacket.
  4. Denim never goes out of style, plus the comfort it gives you is incomparable. So go with denim and a body-fitted shirt, tug out your puffer jacket, and add that to this outfit. Leather ankle boots and a traveling backpack will make this look a travel-friendly one. This is the basic look that will offer you more than just an outfit.
  5. Get out your skinnies and a tank top, yes a tank top for winter traveling. Wrap yourself in the coziest and comfiest teddy coat. Teddy coat is the epitome of coziness, and the addition of a tank top will prevent this look from looking sloppy. Add a pair of sneakers to keep this basic look casual.
  6. Nothing is cuter than a turtleneck, it compliments your style, and Winter Jackets with it look fantabulous. Wear a light-colored high-neck and a chino under it with a blazer. Keep your style minimal by just adding a sneaker and avoid any other accessory to it. Have a small clutch with some essentials in it.
  7. For cruel and wildest winter days, wear a sweater with a deep neckline and wear skin-fitted jeans with it. Add a neck scarf and a beanie with it to make this look comfy for brutal winter days. A mid-length coat and a pair of comfy leather boots are must-haves to make this look winter-friendly. You can always shed extra layers when you feel too hot.
  8. When it comes to a perfectly chic airport, look a sweater-dress with no other extra layering will make you look classy. A black ankle-length sweater dress with knee-length boots and a pair of sunglasses will give you a long look for your flight. It’ll also keep you at ease during your flight, and it is one of the best among Travel Outfits.
  9. A long tweed cardigan should be your choice for long-distance traveling. Wear a cropped high-neck with pants to pair it up with a long and soft cardigan. Cardigans will keep you warm to a moderate extent, and pointed-toe pumps with it make it look feminine and stylish.
  10. Flared denim with tube top must be looking an eccentric option but pair them with a cropped leather jacket, and thick-soled boots will make a cool airport look. Also, add rings and sunglasses to make this look fancier. So go with these outfits for traveling in Winter 2020 and slay in style.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.