Why The Traditional Bilona Method Of A2 Cow Ghee Making Is Good For Your Health.

Ghee has lots of health benefits, it even fulfills your body’s majority of nutritional requirement as it is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, therefore consuming it daily is the perfect way to make sure that your body remains healthy and super strong. But with lots of  a2 cow ghee manufacturers entering the market, the quality of ghee has lowered a lot, and  it’s nutritional value has lowered too.

That’s why it is quite important that one should choose quality, organic ghee that is hundred percent pure and organic, that’s why while choosing the ghee one should always make sure that it is made from the traditional process of ghee making. as it would mean that the quality of ghee is not compromised.

 Bilona Process

To make ghee through the traditional process takes more time in comparison to the normal process in which ghee is made through machines.

So here is ghee is made through the traditional process, first, the cow milk is boiled and cooled,  after that, a spoonful of curd is added to the milk, and then the milk is left untouched for overnight, then the curd is churned to extract butter from it. the butter is then boiled so that the water evaporates leaving behind a hundred percent pure ghee.

 Benefits Of Ghee Made From The Traditional Bilona Method

 Apart from being organic and hundred percent pure below are some of the other benefits of ghee

 1)    Helps In Proper Digestion:

Ghee contains butyric acid that helps break down food and that’s how it helps in digestion, that’s why consuming ghee with rice or bread (roti) is a go way to make sure that you don’t face any digestion-related problems. And not only does it help in digestion but it keeps the gut healthy too.

2)    Makes The Immune System Stronger

 Ghee made from the traditional process of ghee making is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, E, K  which are very important for your body as it makes your immune system stronger.

3)    Detoxifies The Body

Ghee is rich in quite a few nutritional components that help detoxifies the body by removing the toxic substance from the body. So consuming it daily is a good way to detoxify the body.

4) Anti-Aging Properties

Eating healthy nutritious ghee does not only keeps you healthy but also helps you look young.

 5)    High Smoking Point

Bilona ghee has a high smoking point than the other modern age alternatives which means that it is more suitable for cooking as when burned at high temperature it does not release toxic chemicals which are generally released by oils and some other alternatives.

 6)    Good For The Skin

 Regular application of ghee on the skin is a very good way to keep your skin look healthy and young.

 7)     Prevents Heart diseases

As ghee is rich in various antioxidants and nutrients, like vitamin K2 which helps improve the flow of blood in the body and thus prevents the onset of heart-related problems. 

The Bilona process of ghee making is there for almost hundreds of years but with a lot of competitors entering the market it has lost its value as now the main focus of the dairy industry  is on increasing the profit while minimizing the cost, that’s why it is important that one should only buy ghee that is made from the traditional bilona not only to protect the age old tradition but to keep oneself  fit and fine. but one thing should be kept in mind that over eating ghee can cause serious health issues and that’s a2 bilona ghee should be consumed in right quantity.