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Extensive educational experience in any of the European countries is a dream of all and sundry. It is safe to say that individuals from developing and under-developing countries want to change their future by studying advanced technologies.

In this regard, Czech Republic offers unlimited benefits to the aspirants of study abroad. The recent report of university ranking by QS has listed many universities in Prague for providing world-class education. So, selecting the University of Economics in Prague can open the door of knowledge for you.

The article is aimed at highlighting some essential aspects of studying at the University of Economics in Prague. Keep reading to stay aware!

Top reasons to study at the university of economics in Prague

Nevertheless, the capital of the Czech Republic boasts for standing out unique in its educational sphere. Three of the universities, including Charles University, Czech Technical University, and University of Economics, are ranked internationally as highly recognized educational institutions.

So, it will be a big deal to get admission in any of the mentioned-above universities for accomplishing your education. Let’s have a look at some other reasons:

University of Economics Prague (VŠE): Overview

The university was established in 1953. It is located in the capital city of the Czech Republic, which is known as Prague. The city accommodates more than 1.3 million populations having a rich historical and cultural heritage.

 It is one of the largest public educational institutions in the Czech Republic. The university maintains six faculties for a wide variety of study programs, including bachelor, master, MBA, and Ph.D.

According to a rough estimation, the university entertains more than 40,000 students belonging to different countries. Owing to this, the merit criterion is relatively competitive. So, get assistance from education consultants in Islamabad for making a better decision for possible study programs.

Most importantly, the city of Prague is located in the center of Europe. It means that you can travel to Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest while taking a flight of one hour only. Most importantly, Prague is known as the greenest capital of the world.

Courses offered by the university

The university offers a wide range of study courses to meet the growing demands of the modern world. It is evident from the fact that the University of Economics retains six faculties. The first one is the faculty of business administration, economics, and international relations having all basic courses for undergraduate aspirants.

Then, it comes to the faculty of postgraduate having a master’s in management, international management (CEMS), economics and public policy, financial and accounting, information system management, and much more.

Visionary education

The university has a mission to ensure superior quality education for national and international students. The chief objective is to provide higher education with a wide range of economic, managerial, and other degrees with a bright future prospect.

Owing to this, the educational programs are designed in a way to comprehensively impart all essential concepts for in-depth knowledge acquisition at every level. It includes the study programs for bachelors, masters, and doctorate. The VŠE maintains a track record of highly qualified, self-motivated, and competent teaching staff and lecturers.


The university maintains a bright track record of imparting high-quality education. EQUIS has accredited the faculty of business administration that ranks among the number one business schools in the world. So, why not become part of a well-reputed educational institution?

Besides, the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has accredited the master’s degree programs, including Mezinárodní obchod, International Business, and Central European Business Realities. In this way, the University of Economics has established recognition in the world.

Post-study career opportunities

Essentially, the VŠE aims to hold a leading position in the market of economic learning and business management. The primary objective is to gain international respect in the arena of education. Therefore, the learning content focuses more on career-oriented content.

For this reason, the university focuses more on the career building of its students. You can avail of the opportunity to become a business leader in the future, a leading economist, or a visionary representative of international peace and harmony in the world by study at the University of Economics.

Living at campus services

Last but not least, the university offers a living facility for international students. The Department for the Administration of Facilities (SUZ) manages the accommodation related issues and provides comprehensive solutions to the students. SUZ is an independent unit of the university that deals with the boarding and lodging facilities.

However, the students are served by their needs, availability, and other factors of consideration. In this regard, the education consultants in Islamabad can help you go through the process of contacting SUZ to get accommodation facilities.

Be part of the best university in Prague!

Summing up, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze – VŠE, which is also known as The University of Economics, Prague is leading the tradition of top-quality learning facilities for more than sixty years. From education tasks to the co-curricular activities, the university has much more to offer you – be the part of this exciting learning venture.

Don’t forget to consult with education experts to get advice for suitable study programs along with fee structuring and scho9larships at the University of Economics Prague!

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