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A country only achieves the status of a developed and progressive state when it pays equal attention to all its sectors and industries. A little advancement in one field is applied to all the other relevant industries and sectors, which leads to an ultimate uplift of economy and ease of use. One such example is the development of networking infrastructure and its applicability to all other fields in the United Arab Emirates.

Technology has improved in the last few decades with the invention if the internet. On the other hand, the health care sector is one of the most crucial sectors in any society. It is only right to utilize the technological advancement in the healthcare field and make the operations of this industry more beneficial for ailing humanity.

This article will discuss the reasons a structured cabling system is crucial for the healthcare industry.

Top 5 Reasons Healthcare Sector Needs Structured Cabling System

The UAE has one of the best healthcare sectors in the world. It is not just the advancement in the medical field and the latest technology in medical tests and medication that makes it better. The updated as well as smoothy laid infrastructure and cabling network plays a crucial role in this regard.

The following are some important reasons why the healthcare sector needs the structured cabling system and ensures better service provision to the public.

1.      To Boost Environmental Control and Security System

The very first reason the healthcare sector needs the structured cabling system is to boost the environmental control and security system. Without any doubt, the hospitals are one of the most sensitive places which cannot afford to become the crime scenes.

Still, abduction, malpractice, fraudulent activities, and poisoning can occur in hospitals. To prevent it and catch the criminals, power monitoring is essential. CCTV surveillance and security alerts powered by strong connections can provide great support. Most of the hospitals acquire the service of structured cabling companies in Dubai to ensure proper network installation and maintenance to have instant access to their security system.

2.      To Upgrade Internal Communication Network

This is a modern era, which has a vast healthcare industry. The hospitals are now just not limited to ten to twenty beds, but ten to twenty thousand beds. Keeping up with internal communication through ordinary methods can prove a real hassle.

So, the healthcare industry needs a structured cabling system to upgrade the internal communication network. The hospitals need to ensure smooth communication between nursing stations, call systems, intercoms systems and provide interactive and on-demand televisions to patients, which requires telecommunication connection.

3.      To Maintain Patient Information System

Gone are the old days when patients had to maintain the heavy files of their medical treatment and show it to healthcare staff whenever they consulted any new facility. Now, the healthcare sector has introduced the system of online registration of patients and storing their personal data, which the certified authorities can access.

The healthcare industry needs to maintain the patient information system for which a smooth and reliable cabling infrastructure is crucial. The authorities need to update the admission procedures, diagnostic testing, results, coordination-of-care databases, blood data, medications, and food services for the patients.

4.      To Ensure Equipment Monitoring and Control

The healthcare sector is now full of machinery, which is crucial for saving the life of patients. Some of the machines are hooked to the patients, while others are lined up to be used in needed time. The machinery also requires monitoring and maintenance, which cannot be done manually.

The health sector needs to ensure equipment monitoring and control, which includes checking heart monitors, laboratory information systems, blood refrigerators, and cart-based equipment. An efficient and reliable cabling network is more than essential to meet these needs.

5.      To Promote the Use of Telemedicine

The latest trend of the twenty-first century, which is only available in developed countries like the UAE for now, is telemedicine. The patients or their guardians can now get remote consultations, diagnostic imaging test results, and digital image transfer of X-rays.

All of this is not possible without a cabling network, so it is crucial for promoting the use of telemedicine. If you are also linked to the healthcare industry, you need to upgrade the networking cabling system to avoid any hassle. You can acquire the service of structured cabling systems in Dubai and ensure smooth installation and maintenance of the network in addition to getting all your devices and equipment hooked efficiently.

Embrace new technology to improve the functioning of the healthcare sector!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the healthcare sector the lifeline of any society. Therefore, ensuring its advancement and fluency in technology is crucial. Maintaining the network cabling system is one of the biggest needs of the health care industry at this point. This is a crucial matter which you cannot entrust to the amateurs. So, consult the professional to get the best plan and service in addition to its maintenance plan to improve the functionality of your healthcare facility.

By Anurag Rathod

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