Install Linear Slots

If you want to maintain the ventilation of your large area then you must install some linear slots on the ceiling. These slots are mostly used indoor where you need to install some air terminals. These linear slot diffusers are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can customize these slots according to your building design. You can install them on your walls or ceiling, and these slots can be used as extract or supply units. For example, you need to install a ducted HVAC system in your office where you have to connect different rooms from a centralised HVAC unit. In this case, you can use such linear slots on your ceiling and they will supply or circulate the cool air through your rooms. On the other part, you can connect them with your room heating system and they can distribute the heat evenly. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Linear Slots? 

There are different types of linear slots available in the market and you need to choose the best one according to your needs. For example, you can choose flow-bar diffusers or slots for your rooms and they can allow high amount of air. These slots can prevent noise pollution in your indoor area and they can keep your rooms comfortable. You can find such flow-bars in different designs such as incremental slots, square linear slots and continuous slots. 

  • These linear slots are available in different types and you can choose them according to your ceiling height. You will find them with multiple frame styles and you must choose the best one to install them on your ceiling. 
  • The installation of linear slots is very easy and you can hire a contractor to install the same on your ceiling or walls. They require less maintenance cost and you can keep them safe by occasional cleaning.
  • The unique internal design of these slots can change the direction of the air flow and you can choose left or right flow of airstream. In this case, you can install some slots which can be controlled horizontally and vertically. 
  • Apart from that, you can choose linear slots for your walls which are almost invisible. They can perfectly suit your interior, and they are widely used by interior designers and architects. 
  • You can optimize your air conditioner by installing such slots on your ceiling and they can distribute the air evenly in your rooms. For example, you can connect air conditioners with multiple square slots and distribute the air coming out from the air conditioner in your large rooms. You can turn your slots horizontally to distribute the air in your rooms and you can save your power consumption cost by using minimum number of air conditioners. 

Why Liner Slots Diffusers Are So Popular? 

Liner slots diffusers can provide a clean look to your rooms and they take less space. You can install them on your

walls or ceiling, and you can also hide them. Some customers reported that they feel uncomfortable when they seat under these slots because of the direct airstream. However, it is a common issue and you can easily solve such problems by changing the direction of your slots. Apart from that, you must choose these slots according to the ceiling height, air volume and the interior design. 

There is no room for customization of liner slots, once you have installed them on your ceiling or walls. So it is important to customize these slots before you install. If you feel they are noisy then you need to replace the whole structure, which will cost you a huge amount. So you must choose the best contractor or designer to install such slots to prevent such issues.

By Anurag Rathod

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