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The internet we see as it is today wasn’t the same all those years ago. The internet and technology have come a long way, and with that being said, the threats to the users have also increased dramatically.

It is established that to be fully safe and to avoid any notorious or harmful cybercriminals, you should have the protection to keep you safe. With that being said, there are a lot of antiviruses that are up for the job and are ready to protect you against the dangerous malware and other harmful ways that the cybercriminals can pose your threat. Some antiviruses come with the free version, which is the contribution of the manufacturers in the fight against viruses and cybercriminals’ attempt to take the whole internet ransom.

Similarly, there are a lot of antiviruses that come at a price but also go the extra mile to protect the users. One such antivirus is Malwarebytes. The Malwarebytes antivirus comes in both the freemium and the premium versions. As good as the freemium version is, it is inevitable to mention that it lacks a lot of important features making the hacker’s job hard but not impossible.

Nevertheless, the premium version comes with many more features which is just a better choice for the users and almost securing the users from every aspect of cybercrime attacks. 

It is recommended for users to get the paid, complete version of Malwarebytes to protect them against the lurking threats on the internet. This Malwarebytes complete review is dedicated to outlining a few of the important reasons why would a person need the Complete and the premium version.

Security Features: 

From the time it was released, Malwarebytes has evolved to a fully secure software which is a great thorn in the hacker’s side. 

The security features of this antivirus are rather vast. When tested by the experts, Malwarebytes was able to quickly detect the malware and ransomware put on a computer for the sole purpose of testing the application. The Antivirus did a pretty good job as it detected almost all of the malware. 

No matter how good the detection rates and the security of this antivirus is, it still lacks a lot of features that the other antiviruses bring to the table. The features such as a password manager, VPN, parental controls, anti-theft tools, and more. If Malwarebytes came with the following features, it would’ve been the ultimate software for the users to purchase. 

Nevertheless, for the price and the security it offers, this antivirus is a pretty solid deal for unprotected users and provides great value for money.

Malwarebytes Ease of Use and Setup

As the manufacturer has aimed to make a complete software for the people to use, the Malwarebytes antivirus is rather easy to use and setup. The installation setup of the Malwarebytes software is easy and can be completed by anyone that knows how to operate the computer on a basic level. The installation is also very quick and does not take more than three total minutes even on the slowest of the computers. 

Unlike the other antivirus software, there are no unneeded files, sneaky offers, or any other things that will make a user suspicious of the software. 

The size of the Malwarebytes antivirus software is also very small as it only goes up to 250 MBs. When compared to the other antivirus software, this size is really small as the antivirus software takes up to 1 GB of storage when installed. 

After the installation process is completed, the outlook of the antivirus looks a bit complex but it is made rather simple and intuitive which makes it a delight for people to use and grasp its basics. The application fo the Malwarebytes antivirus is designed in such a way that it is easy for the users to navigate throughout the program.

Malwarebytes Plans and Pricing: 

With the range of securities and the performance that Malwarebytes offer, one would expect the antivirus to be definitely pricey. But that is not the case. The Manufacturers of Malwarebytes antivirus come with a good selection of plans. Whether you are an individual person, whether you need the antivirus for your family, or whether it be your business, the Malwarebytes antivirus has just the package for you! 

To ensure that this antivirus is not a bad investment, the manufacturers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for the users. But, there is a catch. The return policy is not valid for the renewal subscriptions and the business plan, and Malwarebyte’s mobile app for android users purchased by the google play store is subject to google play’s store refund policy.

To further explain the Freemium version of the Malwarebytes antivirus, it really isn’t a free version. The Free version of the Malwarebytes antivirus comes with a 14 day trial of its premium version that gives an idea to the users of the protection and the security features that it will offer.

After the 14 days trial expires, the Malwarebytes antivirus only scans the device for potential threats and removes the threat. It is to be noted that the whole operation turns to manual in the freemium version. If you have a conjunction of another antivirus (We Suggest Avira or Norton) then you should be fine sticking with the free version. But otherwise, the free version is defenseless. 

However, the premium version of the Malwarebytes antivirus offers complete protection against dangerous malware and ransomware and accounts for safe browsing experiences for the users.


Everything has its ups and downs. However, it is established that it is vital to have a computer antivirus for a safe experience and to keep out the hackers and uninvited guests. 

All in all, the Malwarebytes antivirus is pretty good software to protect you against the malware and ransomware that are rather easy to catch from the internet. If you are going to get an antivirus to use as your daily driver, then we suggest that Malwarebytes is the clear winner considering the features and the security features it has. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.