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Ever wondered why maximum people in India flee to the capital to host weddings and receptions?  Well, there are many reasons. Delhi, the capital of the country is blended with many opportunities and the best bounties. The city is massive along with its rich historical past and culture. The city is also known for its colourful vibes, beauty, classic architecture, delicious food, and bazaars. Apart from cheap banquet halls in Delhi, there are reasons why you should look for a wedding celebration in Delhi.

There are many wedding venues and wedding planners available in Delhi, and there are banquet halls in Noida as well if one doesn’t get banquet halls in Delhi for booking.  If you are planning to have a wedding in a destination or urban setup, you can choose Delhi, as it is an ideal place.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Delhi and the banquets of Delhi as the perfect place for a wedding:

  • Location: Delhi is located in the central and is well-connected with places like Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur, etc.  If one wishes to have a fairytale wedding, then consider making it true by hosting the wedding in Delhi. Not only do you get the best banquet halls here but you get the best shopping market for weddings as well, which can be done at an affordable price. People also come from different cities to do their shopping for their weddings.
  • Urban Setting:  Delhi has its own classy and urban setup. If you want to have a lavish, grand wedding, then Delhi is the perfect place to enjoy it. You can make your weddings more unique, fun, exciting, and extraordinary if you are hosting your wedding in Delhi.
  • Types are available for weddings: Marriages are of myriad types, you can celebrate your wedding outdoors, indoor, in a resort, hotel, in five-star properties, etc. There are innumerable choices for the venue.  Any type of wedding can be planned here. You can also opt for a destination wedding if you want that place to be in Delhi. You can also find a wedding planner, who will help you plan your wedding events post and pre-wedding events as well.
  • City of Delhi- This city is a complete package for weddings, even if you come here with things and family, you can plan the entire wedding here and even host it. You need not worry about any arrangements, as this place has ample opportunities for the wedding market. Be it in shopping, banquets, hotels, farmhouse, gardens, food, or culture, everything in Delhi is possible.
  • Delhi is for everyone:  Be it a very high-income group or a low-income group, everyone can host or celebrate weddings at an affordable price at banquets here, as there are innumerable banquets of all ranges. This place is also for newlyweds and for people who wish to get married. One can enjoy the nightlife, functions, parties, etc. Delhi has loads of options for the people.
  • The market of wedding planners and vendors- Planning a wedding is not a cakewalk, also it becomes difficult when you marry in a different place which is not known, but you should not worry as Delhi is the perfect place that can provide you with a homely environment. You can get many wedding planners who will help you to host your wedding celebration as this place is the hub for weddings. You can also get customized plans for your wedding from the wedding planners at an affordable package and budget. These wedding planners will also help you in suggesting banquets, venues, arrangements, and events. They also ensure catering services and ensure that all your guests are happy.
  • Photography: Well who doesn’t want amazing photographs of their wedding? If you wish to make your wedding album memorable, you can hire the best wedding photographers here. Wedding pictures are kept for a lifetime and hence the quality required should be great. You also get the best setup for your wedding photography in the city of Delhi, for a pre-wedding shoot as well as wedding and reception shoots at different royal places with its vibrant architecture. Any location of this place will help you get the best photographs for your wedding album.
  • Food: Apart from amazing hotels and banquets like Holiday Inn, Noor Mahal, Sheraton Hotel, Crowne Plaza, etc. with great accommodation of people from 50-1000 guests, this place is also known best for the food. Delhi has ample food options ranging from street food to healthy cuisine, to multi-cuisine; this place has its charm. Banquets here provide lip-smacking delicious food. One can enjoy the food with delight. Here are a few dishes that one can add to their menu for weddings like Chole kulche, fire paan, kadai chicken, mutton keema, mutton korma, biryani, kulfi, firni, falooda et al. This will attract all the foodies to the wedding who will enjoy the wedding and food both. When in Delhi, don’t forget to add Mughal cuisine to the wedding menu.

Conclusion:  Are you planning your wedding to a destination where you can avail all the facilities easily? If yes, then Delhi is the perfect choice as this place has loads of things to offer for a memorable wedding ranging from food, clothing, banquet, location, market, photography, etc everything is in favor of you if you host your wedding in Delhi.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.