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OTT or over-the-top services have been trending and received a lot of attention in last few years. This has completely transformed the way we consume information in digital fronts.  Online video platforms have altered the landscape of entertainment and media industry.

The services in this streamline are classified into several groups that are based on genre of content.  This helps talented content creators and brands to tap into better visibility and engagement among wider group of audiences worldwide. 

With access to limitless internet video material, artists and content creators have an opportunity to build an exclusive brand that will lead to organic growth and popularity among viewers.

From large companies to budding start-ups, everybody is welcomed by online video platforms for upscaling with unique and data-driven campaigns. This also provides better prospects for content creators with brand partnerships, finding sponsors. Also can have a stronger base of viewership and enjoy a wider reach via a focussed VOD platforms. 

Certainly, one needs to know that every content producer carries a strong desire to increase the exposure of their brand in the popular entertainment streamline. And with a strategically planned platform, whether it is large or small-based content creators can easily multiply their earnings and make a reverberating impact in the market.

Another major reason why creators tend to use online video platform is because videos have become popular medium for them to showcase their creative work. Trends indicate that social media posts which features video get more attention and gain higher click-throughs. It is compared to those that doen’t get much response..

So, what exactly contributes in creating the best video hosting service..

Come let’s delve on this aspect more..

What makes the best video hosting service ?

As you tend to plan your own video strategy, the primary thing that you’ll want to consider is to have a video hosting site for your business. Once you’ve shot and edited your premium video on demand content you’ll need a validate place to upload and store on cloud.

There are many platforms which helps you to upload content with their dedicated development team who can handle a lot of detailed optimization. With your videos hosted on a personalized hosting service, you’ll be able to embed them and share on social media channels or across other platforms too.

So, it is quintessential for you to host your own content via modern video hosting platforms that have evolved their business beginnings as a simple piece of internet-based videos. They ensure that your on-demand video content is played smoothly across all devices and platforms, provide marketing solutions to promote your content at any corner of the world.

In addition to the mentioned aspects, the best online video hosting service depends upon a few make or break features that are critical for your business.

  • Basic analytic tools that allows you to measure how many people actually view your videos and identify whether they’re your target customers.
  • SEO tools assist in order to make your videos search-engine friendly & curative
  • The capacity to embed videos on external websites – which includes your own videos
  • Focus on business changing needs – It is confined to not just the needs of independent content creators

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What goes into choosing the right video platform?

The first thing that should be thought about while choosing the best video hosting platform depends upon entirely on why you need video along with  creative strengths.

To figure out the right platform for you, the following criteria help to decide on one of the platforms available online.

#1 Determine the purpose of using videos

You can use interactive videos to educate your audience, promote your innovative products and service in your field. There are creators who utilize videos to exclusively create content for their subscribers or fans. They even share it as special shows and events for that matter. Videos can be used as a part of your marketing strategy or define as product of your any creations.

#2 What genre of content your audiences like to enjoy

Varied audiences move towards specific types of videos. Depending on every audience, you can create one-of-a-kind videos for drawing their attention and grow their subscriber base. Or you can have the freedom to create exclusive content that is specifically created to share with your emali list or social followers. The key thing is to know what kind of videos your audience prefer to view.

#3 What features do you need & you don’t

Every video platform has its own varying features and many creators often need one feature over the other. For instance, YouTube has a unique feature – such as the ability to share content with its visitors. Likewise, Google carries a different streak which denotes with first largest search platform. This is a feature to be spoken about.. Hence this is one of the pivotal angle to consider.

#4 What is your allocation to video production

With great luck, you can get started by making videos with little or no budget. Although video production carries lot of weightage, some of the popular video creators and YouTubers start with basic tools and create HQ-based entertaining content. Budget shouldn’t be a cause to hold you back from creating your curative videos. Depending on the types of videos that you create, can help you to determine how much you can actually afford.

Overall, with an understanding of what type of videos you’ll be creating you can clearly judge which kind of platform with rightfully suit for you.

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Benefactors contribute to start an online video business & scale up successfully

The ones who decide to create a Netflix style business, based upon tried and verified business model, around a particular topic they are inspired by. They aren’t only entertainers, but course creators, business thought leaders, inspirational speakers, corporate skill experts who take a pluge to sell their videos online

And, let me tell you, it’s a reality that’s within your hold too..

But I can relate with you that you’re still a little unsure about it.. It does a bit of being too good to be true, is it not?

I want to show you the picture that I portrayed for you can be a reality and why it is for many prospective video creators.. So, if you’re still on the idea of whether you should create your own Netflix like business, this should help you to stay put on your thoughts.. 

  • It’s likely to scale high profits 

Having your own online video business can help you to mint lot of money. However, it’s not to define that once your start an online on-demand streaming business you get to instantly become wealthy.  Definitely, your content needs to be curative enough along with time investing in accumulating an audience to view it.

But, if you have plans to create your own channel with better perks as compared to YouTube, you can acquire a rock-solid foundation to develop your business which is A/B tested. So, odds might be favour you more.

  • Better authority over your channel

Having your independent monetization channel can allow you to positively influence your audience and position yourself much in authority under your niche.

When people come across with your complete library of videos, that are dedicated to your unbeatable passion, & you charge a premium fee to access them, they can feel the real deal that worth to spend on.

  • Take charge of your creative library

When you choose to create your own Netflix, you can take a stand over your content. There’s no barricade of censorship. Nobody can insist you in deciding what to do next. Also there’s no advertiser’s guidelines that can destroy your earnings if you stream something that they don’t approve to be okay…

You have complete flexibility to make whatever you like to, address to whoever you like with no compromise on your innovative vision. 

  • Publish your streams from anywhere

Believe it or not, the world around you is your working hub..

You’re independent as a content creator.. You can work at your own pace from wherever and whenever you want to.. Creating your kinds of video whether from sunny beaches or colder hills.. The choice is yours! 

Just like Vimeo, Magicstream you can also do the similar thing.. Travel the world to creating unique videos and cover important people you meet. All you need is to have a smart laptop, A-grade camera, top-notch editing software and a dedicated video platform.

  • Passive Income can be a Gamechanger

As Warren Buffett once said, “If you can’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

All thanks to the “subscription” model which permits you to make money even while you are sleeping.. And do it from recurring customers month-after-month. There is no necessity for you to be there in field or point of sale. And lifetime value of subscription-based customers are quite high.

This provides you the opportunity to focus more time as well as income to create content and grow your business, than trying to pick each individual subscriber every day. 

There are other underlying factors that play predominant role, but I have listed some of the pime benefactors that assist in starting an online video streaming business..

Future of content creation found hard hitting across industries in 2023

Existing and aspiring content creators need secure means to showcase their value-added skills and ideas via internet platforms. The establishment of premium video on demand or content creation platforms sincerely support nee-gen or contemporary creators and the collaboration of their ground-breaking ideas have sufficed to aid this.

The content creation via media platforms have overloaded the market and have turned into fiercely competitive environments, as you’ve surely heard. Though there is a silver lining, more and more creators enter into the world of content development which caters to entertainment and other industries.

Certainly, the need of creators has also been rising without any doubt. Additionally, more people have increasingly been using digital content much so ever, because of the online sector’s constant expansion.  When we particularly find video quickly paving its way into every other industry, it means it has made a difference to reach every organization goals.

They tell each story in an easily digestible as well as enjoying way which can be quite effective for companies to sell products. The catch here is selling products to common consumers who may not completely understand or be interested can pose a challenge. That way video streaming at online video platforms provides apt solution. 


The success of your brand will be fully dependent on how you generate, distribute and monetize more content. As new content creators flood the online streaming ecosystem, there grows an optimum chance where audiences continue to divulge into ever-flowing variety of channels. And to upbeat the tough battle, content creators have to adopt to newer technologies backed by best video streaming solutions in the market.

By Anurag Rathod

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