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This era calls for entertainment through online TV shows and movies. Most platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and many more ask for premium subscription charges from the viewers to show the content available. However, many viewers prefer to watch free content, although the problem they face is that not all content is free on the internet.

In such situations, certain websites provide all kinds of content, including famous TV shows and movies, for free. These platforms are free and authentic since you do not have to worry about malware and copyright issues as a user. Though they might disturb quite a lot with pop-up ads, it is worth the battle. Here we list some websites where you can watch TV shows online for free.

Project Free TV

Project Free TV is one of the most popular free TV show-watching websites available online and has been used for a long time. It hails its popularity due to the vast collection of some of the most popular TV shows. Apart from famous TV shows, this website also has a collection of popular movies right from the classic era.

With a powerful search function, you can easily hover through and find your favourite Tv show. Moreover, the shows are divided according to various categories, which makes searching even easier. You also filter like genre and year of release through which you can view an array of your favourite shows or movies. The quality of the video is quite upgraded compared to other websites.


Noxx is yet another popular website with a different sub-site for movies which you get redirected to when you click the option. It has a collection of some of the best movies and TV shows you can watch in a high definition stream. Noxx has one of the easiest websites that users can handle and has a dark aesthetic theme.

Compared to other free streaming websites, the ads are not very disturbing. Although there are ads that you need to click through before viewing the show or movie, it gets cleared easily and quickly. Since the platform is comparatively new, the site provides easy hovering options due to a relatively small library of content.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV provides extremely authentic and free methods to view your favourite TV shows and movies. This is one of those legal websites that do not disturb viewers with copyright issues for their content. Tubi TV asks the users to sign up before using the services. The overall process of signing up is quite straightforward, and once it is done, the user is open to thousands of TV shows and movies.

Tubi TV can be used across multiple devices and platforms and can be downloaded from every app store. Moreover, it provides professional search and listing features to create your watch list. Once it studies your watching pattern, it also recommends associated content for viewing.

TV Muse

TV Muse is yet another famous free streaming website available online. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is apart from streaming through the internet, you can also download movies, and TV shows that you can watch later, even offline. Over time, TV Muse has fought against various copyright issues and now provides legal content.

The collection of TV shows and movies here is vast, and you can find almost any show possible. The services are available once you go through the easy sign up process. This website surprisingly pops very few ads and is rich in features. You can even request TV shows or movies unavailable in the library on this platform.


Soap2day has recently grown in popularity after introducing hundreds of pages that contain content like TV shows and movies. It is quite difficult not to find a movie or TV series on this website. Soap2day is the way to go when craving entertainment from classics and modern-day hits to even unknown ones. Since nearly every content is available, it is a click away.

Apart from movies and TV shows, this website also provides live and updated sports streams. Switching between screens is quite easy. Although powered by ads, they do not pester much, and overall the site is quite user-friendly.

Watch Series HD

As its name suggests, Watch Series HD allows viewers to watch movies and shows in high definition. This website caters to thousands of visitors daily with movies, shows and anime. Content is always available on this website since there are multiple links for a single movie or one episode of a series.

Signing up is not mandatory; however, if you sign up, you can access advanced features like a watch list to collect the content you want to watch. Moreover, the ad content is kept in check to avoid constantly pestering the viewer.


Yidio is relatively different from the other streaming websites mentioned in this article. Other streaming platforms collect different links and third-party websites to show movies or TV shows. Yidio, on the other hand, puts all the necessary streaming links and websites in a single place, making it easier for users to access. This also reduces the time spent searching for the right links.

Signing up is not an option on Yidio. Instead, you can open the website or download the app available across all app stores to start viewing your favourite movies and TV shows. However, certain content is premium and aptly marked, and the content available here is only meant for the adult audience.


Everyone in this world likes some free content when it comes to entertainment. Although battling against ads can be tedious, it is worth it. More and more websites are coming up with streaming links for free viewing. The popularity and traffic on such sites are increasing daily. Thousands of users are accessing these websites daily to consume every type of content, be it movies, TV shows or sports streams. These sites are slowly reaching legalization, although some are still fighting copyright issues.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.