Which is better Colombian or Zambian emerald


Emerald is one of the most popular and beautiful gemstones in the world. It is found in many places. High quality stones are found in Colombia which is located in South America. Zambian is the second largest producer of emerald stones.

Colombia is located in South America while the country of Zambia is located in Africa. For many centuries Colombia was the world’s only source of emeralds. But now there are many countries where geologists have found deposits of emerald stones.

Colombia and Zambia are the two major suppliers of emeralds. That’s why it asks us which country has better quality and which one is the best to buy your favorite stones.

Emeralds come in sizes that vary from 1 mm to 5 mm and their weight can vary from 1 to 5 carats. Most of the coveted emeralds are 20 carats.

The color of emerald is due to the presence of chromium in it. Inclusion plays an important role in the price of any stone. Higher quality emeralds tend to have more inclusions. But getting less involved in emeralds can drastically reduce its value.

In this article we will go through a complete guide so that you can decide which is better, Colombian or Zambian emerald. 

What are the characteristics of Colombian emeralds?

Now we all know that Colombia is a leader in exporting emeralds to other parts of the world. This South American country produces about 90% of the world’s emeralds. Colombian stones are known for their quality and rare colors.

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In the Colombia region, there are only three major mines which are Muzo, Cosquez and Chivor. The Colombian emerald is more green in color than the Zambian emerald. This is due to the presence of sedimentary rocks. Colombian emeralds get their shading from chromium.

It is also more expensive than Zambian emeralds. This South American Colombian emerald is considered one of the most iconic in the world. It is also difficult to cut them. The color of emerald gemstone is stronger than any other gemstone. The stronger the color, the higher the value of that gemstone.

Colombian emeralds have shades of blue to green. And warm and intense pure green colors were also found. 

What are the characteristics of Zambian emeralds?

Most of Zambia’s neighbors like Tanzania, Mozambique, etc. are known for the deposits of gems. In Zambia, gems were found in the year 1976. Zambia’s mines export 20% of the world’s emeralds. Zambian emeralds get their shading from iron.

The popularity of Zambian emeralds is increasing due to the improvement in quality. This factor is increasing the price of Zambian emeralds. The two main factors that create a major difference between Colombian and Zambian emeralds are the clarity of the emerald and the greenish blueness.

The color of the Zambian emerald varies from blue to dark green. Its color is found from light blue to green. Zambian emeralds are more affordable than Colombian ones. 

The stones mined from here are seen to have better clarity than those of Colombian ones. But Colombian emeralds have a long history in the production of long stones. The Kegem mine is the largest producer of emeralds in Zambia.

Which Should I Buy?

So both the gems are emerald and both have similar properties. Colombian and Zambian emeralds both have a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the MoHS scale.

  • The main differences between Colombian and Zambian emeralds are:-
  • Colombian stones are greener than Zambian stones.
  • Zambian emeralds have more blue than green.
  • Zambian emerald is better known for its excellent clarity than Colombian emerald.
  • Zambian emeralds are more affordable than Colombian emeralds.
  • Zambian Emerald is perfect for buyers around the world.
  • Colombian emeralds have a long history associated with it.
  • Zambian emeralds are easier to cut and polish than Colombian emeralds.
  • Zambian emeralds have a more transparent surface than Colombian stone.
  • Colombian emerald is one of the most expensive per carat stones.
  • Colombian stones cost between 10000 Indian Rupee to 25000 Indian Rupee.
  • The price of Zambian emeralds can range between 2500 to 5000 Indian Rupees.


Zambian emeralds are more important than Colombian ones. They are also easy to cut further because of their affordability. This gorgeous stone is all about the colors. Panna will help you in healing your physical and mental symptoms. In the blog I compared Colombian and Zambian emeralds so you can decide which one you should buy. You can visit Gemstones Universe for all gems related information. Hope you found this blog helpful, do share and love this article.