house needs underpinning

Your home’s structural integrity is compromised by foundation issues, making it dangerous to occupy. Structural engineers employ complex computer analysis to detect foundation problems.

Underpinning means the process of strengthening the foundation of your home. It is an engineering feat that requires well-trained professionals to design and implement a solution without compromising the integrity of your existing structure.

Do you think your house needs underpinning?

A good underpinnings repair should be able to improve or fix a problem in your house. What problems can underpinnings repairs solve? Underpinnings can add value to your property by improving the aspects of infrastructure – this will help you get a better return if you sell the house.

Many homeowners ignore the importance of having a full structural assessment on their houses before embarking on major repairs and renovations. Still, it’s critical that you learn how to avoid future legal issues. 

Underpinning is a construction process that can save you in the long run. The process is vital for homes in areas where clay and other soils are prone to liquefying during an earthquake. Underpinning increases the stability of your home by injecting cement beneath a slab house using pressure.

Is underpinning only done on outside footings?

Underpinning can also be done to footings in the middle of a house. You may have thought this kind of underpinning was only done with footings or footings on the outside of the house. Still, it’s also possible to underpin a central post-foundation footing.

How to know if your house needs underpinning?

Underpinning is a technique practised for ages but is gaining more popularity now because of demand. These scientifically proven foundation underpinning can be done under the supervision of professionals and practising technicians with the help of skilled workmen to get the maximum out of it.

Cracking in the Walls

Cracking your home’s foundation can be a troubling experience, especially if you suspect that it is indicative of more serious problems. It may be that the underlying cause is a settling foundation and there is no immediate cause for concern; however, this can often indicate the need for an underpinning.

Doors and windows not closing correctly

Structural subsidence is one of the most common causes of this window and door problem. The frames may well be intact, but if the ground under them has weakened, you could have trouble operating them.

Sinking footing

When you observe uneven floors or swells in the floors of your house, it might indicate that your footings are sinking.


So, you may have noticed some cracks in the walls, brickwork or flooring that could be a sign of subsidence which is not to be ignored. Foundation wall cracks and split bricks can signify that your house might have subsidence problems or a foundation problem. Using foundation underpinning requires substantial levels of science, skill and labour. If left unrepaired, this problem can lead to your home splitting up into 2 different height levels, which could cause immense structural damage over time. 

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