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In this read, we will talk about gym weights for instance. Do not take this into a negative term as if you intend to build open gym equipment, this will all count as an investment. Now, if we talk about weight plates, these are quite an expensive purchase. Let’s read ahead to get the reasons behind the gym weights being so expensive.

For an effective strength workout, you need to have barbells and dumbbells to do free weight exercises. Your bodybuilding routine will be abruptly disturbed if there is no proper weight training. So, may it be affordable or not, gym equipment is important.

Raw Materials

The weight plates made of steel, rubber, and iron are very much popular in gyms. But these are also available in materials such as concrete and plastic. The weight plates are required to be made of dense materials thus, steel, rubber, and iron are used. These are in a higher price range if we compare them with concrete or plastic weights.


The Fitness Equipment needs to be of specific parameters to meet the set standards. You may get these at relatively low prices if the quality is compromised. This means they won’t be durable enough to bear regular wear and tear. To your surprise, they may suddenly crack after a sudden fall. The manufacturers make sure the weight plates are checked on various quality parameters and thus, comply with the quality standards accepted at the international level.

Handling & Shipping Charges 

Now, the handling and shipping charges add up from the very beginning, which means right from the time the raw material is procured, quality checks, and final shipment to the distributor. Then the same goes on the end of the seller. The handling & shipping charges again add up to the cost of the weight plates, making them expensive. 

Amount of Plates

As the weight plates are available in varied weights, such as 5, 5, 10, 25, and 45 lbs. Each weight is manufactured in a different production line. Therefore, adding up to the cost again. It does not imply the fact that if you buy plates with less weight will cost you low, as it comes from different production lines, thus, the production cost remains almost similar. There would be no significant difference in the cost according to the weight of the plates.

World Situation

We are all aware of the fact that the current pandemic scenario has disturbed personal lives as well as business to a great extent. So, as soon as there was a green signal for the gyms to open, the business houses wanted to recover some of their losses and perhaps increased their prices. gym enthusiasts have no other option but to purchase at higher prices. The gym owners also need to get extra of weight plates in the name of hygiene and safety measures in the gym.

The reasons above stated are completely hypothetical. These may or may not be the reason behind this. As far as my research goes, it has become very evident that the excessive shipping and handling charges, prices of raw materials and the current pandemic situation have led to increase in the prices of the gym weights. There are manufacturers of open gym equipment, who are acknowledged for offering quality products at market-leading prices. in addition to this, they also have an extensive range of Outdoor Playground Equipment. The range also includes a multiplay system for specially-abled kids.

By Anurag Rathod

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