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There are numerous important factors to consider when planning to make your company’s meeting spaces wireless.

The following are eight factors to consider when selecting a wireless presentation system:

1. Does its security level meet the needs of the company?

Security management is becoming increasingly difficult. According to one survey of corporate security experts, 35% did not know whether or not malware was present on their network. Furthermore, as the popularity of BYOD grows, corporations become more vulnerable: According to research, 20% of corporations have experienced data breaches as a result of poor BYOD implementation.

When selecting a wireless presentation system, consider whether users will need to download and install drivers and/or software. Businesses and government agencies with strict security protocols frequently prohibit employees from downloading or installing programs or apps onto their computers. A wireless presentation system that does not require any software or drivers solves this conundrum and eliminates a potential source of security problems.

2. Does it use a high level of encryption technology?

According to a recent survey, nearly one in every four employees has inadvertently connected their devices to malicious Wi-Fi. To avoid security issues, choose a wireless presentation system that uses strong, reliable encryption but is also simple to use, eliminating the possibility of security compromises due to human error.

3. Does it have an easy-to-use interface?

According to research, 51% of employees want “tech that works at the touch of a button,” which they believe can reduce work-related stress and promote effective collaboration. That is why it is critical for a wireless presentation system to be user-friendly, allowing all participants to share their ideas on the big screen and collaborate with everyone in the meeting room effortlessly.

4. Does it work with everyone’s meeting devices?

Meetings are frequently attended by guests who bring their own devices. This allows them to present with ease because they can use tools that are familiar to them. It is impossible to train and introduce every guest presenter with your company’s meeting equipment; therefore, to ensure smooth, efficient idea sharing, install the best wireless presentation system that consists of the latest technologies so you can connect any device with it. 

5. Is it BYOD-compatible?

Smartphones and tablets are used by 32% of millennial employees to collaborate at work, but these smart devices are frequently incompatible with wired presentation systems. It is critical to select a wireless presentation system that is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to ensure efficient, productive meetings that are open to everyone’s ideas.

6. Can it accept connections from multiple devices at the same time?

Switching presenters in meetings with multiple presenters and devices can waste a lot of time and disrupt the meeting flow. This is why multiple connection support is essential. When it’s time for the next presenter to speak, he or she can switch to his or her device with the touch of a button, ensuring more fluid and efficient discussions.

7. Is split-screen projection supported?

Participants in modern meetings frequently need to share multiple pieces of information on the main screen. A wireless presentation system with split-screen capability is required to keep up with these evolving trends. A four-way split-screen allows users to see more information at once, which can speed up the decision-making process.

8. Does its wireless signal have enough range?

Because the size of corporate meeting rooms varies greatly, the signal range is an important consideration. To get the most out of a wireless presentation system, make sure its signal range covers the entire meeting space.


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By Anurag Rathod

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