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Running an online business is not a piece of cake; it requires time, effort, and plenty of money, of course. Especially in this technologically driven world, you will see hundreds and thousands of marketing platforms but finding an all-in-one solution is as challenging and rare as a blue diamond.

Many marketers and entrepreneurs search for the best solution that will smoothly transit their work process. Most of the time, they purchased expensive software and didn’t give it time and effort, and lost smooth track of their work. Every business needs software that takes care of all business activities, such as tracking inventory, checking conversions, social content management, and much more.

Currently, businesses are seeking several applications to cater to all their online marketing needs. Every software has its specific feature that they are an expert at. For instance, when you search for a landing page builder, you will find software that is only good at building landing pages. And you will have to attach other things with it like automation services, shopping carts, webinar tools, etc. Managing three to four software together might be a mess for many businesses.

You can easily manage many different tools from one platform at a very affordable price. It will be great to have all the best features in a single software such as Kartra. It is the best answer to all your online business issues.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is a one-stop solution for all your online marketing needs. It has the excellent ability to increase your business revenue and take it to the next level. It is the second big-name after ClickFunnels in the software market. That’s the reason for ClickFunnels vs. Kartra’s constant comparison and huge competition. Both of them are extensive marketing software.

Kartra is good at all online management matters that are essential for a business to become successful such as; email marketing, contact management, landing pages, sales funnel, listing, and much more. Kartra will not only take care of businesses but help them to generate more leads with their premium services. You just have to pick a pricing plan that suits your business and leave the rest on them.

Pricing Plan:

Kartra offers four pricing plans to its customers that are well crafted and perfect for any small to midsize business.

  • $79 a month Starter Kartra plan includes 100-page hosting, two membership sites, 15.000 emails/mo, up to 2.500 leads, one custom domain, and one helpdesk connection.
  • $149 a month Silver Kartra Plan includes unlimited emails and page creation, three custom domains, up to 12.500 leads, video hosting, membership sites, and helpdesk.
  • $229 a month Gold Kartra Plan includes five custom domains, up to 2.000 leads, and all the best features of a silver Kartra plan.
  • $379 a month Platinum Kartra Plan offers ten custom domains, up to 50.000 leads, and all parts of a gold plan.

How Kartra Works?

How kartra works is surely the follow-up question of what is Kartra because everyone wants to know how one platform can incredibly deal with all things together.

Web Hosting:

Kartra greatly helps businesses in Web Hosting. If you already have an existing website, for instance, on WordPress, Karta allows you to continue it in the same place with great ease. It can also enable you to create a new hosting page without any hassle.

Funnel Building

Compared to other marketing software, Kartra provides much ease in moving your traditional business to the online world with the help of funnel builders. It helps you with opt-in forms, checkout options, linking pages, emailing, lead tagging, and many other related features. 

Affiliate Management

Along with many other excellent services, Kartra provides the best affiliate management to keep track of your affiliates and manage their data effectively.

The built-in system in Kartra enables you to keep an eye on all transactions being made through those affiliates. Entrepreneurs are also able to set up a commission system for the payment of their affiliates. Kartra has a unique management system that helps you to subscribe to affiliates who can go for the signup template.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is an essential part of any business, and you won’t expect a business to become successful without marketing its product or brand.

Kartra provides the best marketing automation strategies that cover all your business needs. It gives you all the needed tools for the best marketing of your business. 

Landing page designing

It won’t allow you to run after graphic designers by providing the best landing page builder. It offers an extensive range of ready-to-build designs that any business can utilize for any purpose. You just have to fill the canvas using the drag and drop feature and add various components to our page.

Kartra allows businesses to create attractive landing pages that convert visitors into leads and customers. Purchasing Kartra for your business saves time, effort, and money by providing an all-in-one solution.

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