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Do you know what HTML is and how it works? Complete information about HTML has been told in this post. In which we have explained what is HTML, How HTML works, the Full name of HTML, the History of HTML, the Version of HTML, How to learn HTML, How to write code in HTML, What are HTML Tags, the Characteristics of HTML and Drawbacks of HTML And so on?

Today almost all the work is done using a computer at some point or the other. The Internet has played an important role in increasing the usefulness of computers. Internet that works on servers. But a normal Internet user does not know about the server nor does he know how the Internet is made. They only see the website and think of these websites as the Internet. If you use the Internet. Then you must have also seen the website. The biggest examples of websites are Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

You are also reading this article on a website only. But do you know how a website is made and how it works? For your information, let me tell you that the website is made of HTML. HTML is a type of document or file. Which is stored on the server. in order to make a website. Now you must be thinking that what is HTML after all and will you come to build a website after knowing HTML. Then the answer is that yes a website can be built after knowing HTML.

Before knowing HTML, it is important to know what and how it works. So let’s first know what is HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language for creating web pages and web-based applications. Which is a computer language different from Programming Language. With its help, the structure of the webpage is prepared. All web pages or websites are created using HTML. It is the basis of all web pages or websites. Without this, the look of the website cannot be defined.

If you want to make a website or want to design a website. Then you have to learn HTML. By the way, many computer languages ​​are used in the website. like; HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP etc. But in all of these HTML is considered as the basis of the website. There is also a course in designing and designing a website. After learning it completely, it comes to making a good website. These courses are called web developer and web design course in Delhi.

If you are thinking of becoming a web developer or web designer. Then you will have to learn languages ​​like CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and SQL, etc. apart from HTML. But HTML language is the most important of all these to create a website or web-based application. Websites made only with HTML language are ugly. Other languages ​​are used to make it beautiful. Like CSS, the website is made colorful and good-looking. At the same time, JavaScript makes the website dynamic and attractive.

HTML is a type of Markup Language. Which is used to define the structure of the webpage. Its full name is HTML’s Full Form HyperText Markup Language. Let us understand its meaning.

  • H – Hyper
  • T-Text
  • M – Markup
  • L – Language

1. Hypertext

In HTML, two web pages are linked together with text. It is called Hypertext. Another webpage can be accessed by clicking on the hypertext. Hypertext is called Hyperlink. Through this, it is easy to explore the entire website. Like hypertext, there is also hypermedia. In which media files like images, videos, and sounds are made hyperlinked. Hyperlink in HTML is created by Anchor Tag ().

2. Markup

HTML is used to create web pages. HTML tags are used to perform this task. Each HTML tag is pre-defined. This is called Markup in HTML. Like “” is an HTML tag. Which is defined that italicizing the text coming between itself. Similarly, all the tags have different functions. which is pre-defined.

3. Language

HTML is a language. Because it uses HTML tags to create a webpage. Which is pre-defined like a language.

History of HTML

Tim-Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web (abbreviated WWW) in the year 1989. After which he started working on Hypertext. After this Tim-Berners-Lee invented HTML in the year 1990. Earlier Tim-Berners-Lee used to work as a physicist contractor in a French organization called CERN. Initially, HTML was also used for document sharing at CERN.

Tim-Berners-Lee is also called the Father of HTML. Tim Berners-Lee first mentioned HTML on the Internet in the year 1991. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) currently maintains the HTML standard. The W3C also has responsibility for the development of HTML. There have been many versions of HTML by now. Let us know about the version of HTML.

Versions of HTML

The primary version of HTML is HTML 1.0. It was released in the year 1993. As it was the first version of HTML. So it had very few features. At that time a webpage was made from HTML only by simple text. HTML was modified and new versions were introduced. Currently the latest version of HTML is HTML 5.0. Which was published in the year 2014. The following are all versions of HTML.

  • HTML
  • HTML 2.0
  • HTML 3.0
  • HTML 3.2
  • HTML 4.0
  • HTML 4.01
  • HTML 5

How does HTML work?

HTML is a Markup Language different from Programming Language. That is, HTML is not a programming language. Because it does not have the properties of programming language. It is used to create web-based pages. How many websites have been created so far? It is all made from HTML itself.

The page on which you are currently reading this article. That page is also made from HTML itself. Perhaps now you must be thinking that the website or webpage you see. There is no code visible in it. Then how does HTML work? How HTML code is converted into a webpage. So let’s know how it works.

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Since a webpage or website is made from HTML. Therefore, first of all, the entire structure of the website or webpage is prepared through HTML. Which is called the theme of the website. That is, the theme of the website is created by HTML. Which is in the form of HTML code. After this code of the website or webpage is stored on the webserver of the website.

After which the web browser of mobile or computer such as; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. On searching by entering the address of any page of the website, that HTML file from the webserver is received by the web browser following some protocols. Which the web browser renders and shows as a multimedia webpage. That is, the web browser acts as a translator of HTML.

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