Importance of Computers

A computer is an advanced device that collects data from the user and processes it in its program, creates a result, and then saves it for future purposes. You’ll easily find the importance of computers by seeing the evolving industries of today, online education, online business, online networking, and internet banking. These days hardware devices with software applications are used to store, manipulate, analyze, and measure the data and information collected from the user.

Our everyday life is now totally dependent upon online products and services. Computers brought a change in our life decades ago, now it is a real task to live without a computer. Here is a list of some uses of computers

Uses of computers in the education field

Education these days has notched up its bar to an amazing height. With the increase in technology and knowledge people, and their curiosity to learn many things, the computer and technology have helped a lot. You’ll find many schools and institutes have installed computers to teach digitally and creatively. To learn things in-depth learning from ppt, video lectures, spreadsheets, and tools helps a lot.

Computers in the field of education have brought a new era of learning. You’ll find many online degree programs and many online methods to learn things that have given people the liberty to learn anywhere and anytime.

For both, the teachers and students’ computers play an important role in their life. As it not only helps to learn but it even helps in teaching.

Uses of computers in the business

With a computer and an internet connection, you can easily start, run or manage a business. There are so many websites online like, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, meesho, Instagram, and many more which makes the work more feasible and quick. You can’t imagine a business without technology integrated into it. Initially, when the computer was invented by Charles Babbage, it was to make business work more accurate but nowadays with many new technologies you can now manage and control every segment of business through computers.

Businesses and companies use computers to store data and market their products..They can manage their large-scale workers and keep records of their behavior and even the goods loading and unloading. You can learn from computer classes in Surat or any city you stay in. Computers with a good internet connection can do wonders for a business through online marketing, they can easily buy and sell products.

Uses of computers in government offices

Years ago, government work used to take lots of time to get done, due to the number of documents and paperwork. But today almost every sector of government has an integrated portal making it easier to get the work done online faster and accurately by the use of computers. There are so many applications and software that make the work of government much easier and faster to handle the whole population of the country.

Uses of computers in the home

The use of computers in a home depends upon the user, you’ll find many people who are using computers at their place. The use of computers varies from using them for online classes, online business, some for binge-watching movies, listening to songs, and the list goes on. If you have a computer at your place you can enjoy many advantages of it, like using it for business, banking and connecting your faraway friends in the world. You can even learn many skills and hobbies by using a computer. The use of computers at home makes our life easier and better, you can store your monthly expenses, cyber works and even prints can be done by using the computer at home.


Computers have a great history of being updated, the advancement of computers is referred to as the generation of computers. Right now we are in the 5th generation of computers. Here is a brief review of each generation

  • 1st GENERATION – this generation was from the period 1940-1955, machine language was developed so that you can use computers. magnetic drums were used to store the memory. And for circuitry purposes vacuum tubes were used.
  • 2nd GENERATION – this upgrade was for vacuum tubes to transistors as the language was advanced from binary to assembly languages, making the computers smaller, energy-efficient, and faster.
  • 3rd GENERATION – the development of integrated circuits was done in the period 1964-to 1971
  • 4th GENERATION – with the advancement of the 4th Generation of computer microprocessors were invented. During this period of time computers were used for personal use too. Another great advancement computer had was up-gradation in computer languages such as Java and C++
  • 5th GENERATION – In the present generation of computers in the 5th generation, the upgrade computers had is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The usage of superconductors and parallel processing brought a wide scope for the future.


  • High speed – the unit speed of computers goes up to picoseconds and can calculate larger units fast, it holds the capacity of calculating millions of calculations.
  • Accuracy-  with being fast computers are very accurate too. Every calculation is error-free, and it stores accurately what you enter.
  • Storage capability – the biggest advantage we have is storage, computers can store a large amount of data.
  • Diligence – all the tasks can be performed repeatedly as the computer doesn’t get tired or bored doing the same work. Everything can be done with the same speed and accuracy.
  • Versatility – this is a very flexible machine that can perform multiple tasks at a time.
  • Reliability – these are modern updated electronic gadgets they have a longer durability
  • Automation –  You can perform many functions automatically, this electronic gadget has automation inbuilt in it, which makes doing the tasks faster and easier. Once you install any program or software in it after that you don’t need any human interference for it to work later.
  • Reduction in paperwork and cost – as computers are known for being the greatest in storing data, it reduce paperwork to a minimum. The problem of maintaining so many papers gets eliminated by computers. With an initial investment in computers, you can gradually reduce the other cost by maintaining everything in computers.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.