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Buying a solar water heater comes with loads of benefits. From reduced electricity bills to decreasing carbon footprints, solar water heaters are all about perks. However, if you have decided to invest in a solar water heater, it is important to find the right position for the heater. You don’t just need an empty open place, but a location where the heater gets maximum access to sunrays. Those who deal with solar water heater manufacturing machinery in India suggest that positioning of the solar water heater plays the biggest role in determining how well your hot water requirements will be fulfilled. 

Placing the heating system in an open area will not be sufficient because it is the angle of sun rays that determines how much heat will be absorbed by the heater. According to manufacturers, the right position can significantly improve your output and that’s why today we are sharing with you some tips on choosing the right position and location for your solar water heater. 

Choose an open unshaded area 

The area you choose to place your heater must be completely open and there must not be any shading. Look out for any trees or any high walls that can cause shading any time of the day. When it comes to choosing the area for your heater, it is suggested to pick roof instead of land as the chances of shading are higher when you place the solar water heater on land instead of roof. 

The water heating system needs to be completely exposed to the sun, especially the collector and that’s why it is important to look for buildings and trees around your location. Gaze around and look for any high buildings or walls that can block sun rays or trees getting in the way of the heater and the sun.

The solar water heater manufacturers suggest checking your location at various times of the day to ensure you are choosing the right place to place your solar water heater. However, it is not possible for everyone to get the most exposed area but the deal here is to get the best you can so that you can reap the utmost benefits. 

The most crucial hours of day for a solar water heater are 10 am to 2pm in cold seasons and it is best to make sure your heater gets no sharing in at least these hours. In addition to shading, another important factor is the condition and type of your location. Even the condition of the roof matters because you need a strong and sturdy base that would not require replacement at least for the next 25 years. The installation process becomes cheaper when the roof is covered with composite shingles as it makes the process easier. 

Collector orientation 

The orientation of the collector must be such that it gets the maximum amount of solar energy. The collector is geographically oriented to collect the maximum energy in every season and especially winter season. Depending on your roof height, orientation and local landscape features, the orientation will change from place to place. 

A solar water heater collector located in the northern hemisphere will get maximum energy when oriented toward the true south. However, according to studies, depending on other landscape features, tilting 45 degrees east or west will also not make much difference in performance if required. 

The collector orientation will also depend on when the sun rises in your area and what kind of mornings you have. How weather changes seasonally in your area will also play a significant role in setting the right orientation for your solar water heater. 

Collector tilt 

The collector tilt also plays a significant role in determining the amount of heat your solar water heater is capable of collecting. The right angle is considered equal to the angle of your latitude to access maximum energy in spring and fall. But, since maximum heat is required in winters, the angle tends to become a little steeper. The roof angle also plays a significant role in determining the angle of the collector.

Nowadays, most collectors have a tilt equal to the roof more importantly because it looks aesthetically pleasing. The positioning of collector tilts at weird angles gives a cluttered look to the area and that’s why flat mounted collectors are more in demand these days. 

However, it is advisable to hire a professional to determine the right angle before quickly switching to an odd angle or opting for a flat tilt. Not going by the angle can significantly impact your solar water heater performance and you will not want to reduce your output for aesthetics. 

Get a site analysis 

Solar water heaters use more than just solar radiations and that’s why it has become easier to get warm water with solar water heaters even in areas with lesser sunlight. The professional contractors can offer you various options that work even for extremely cold reasons where sun marks its presence occasionally.

The solar water heaters use diffuse methods and evacuated tubes that store the radiation for a longer time and prevent the water from getting too cold. The advanced technologies have made it possible for solar water heaters to work for many reasons and that’s why a site analysis is important to track how much output you can get in your area even if you live in a little shaded area. 

With site analyses, not only will you be able to predict whether a solar water heater will be able to work for you, but you will also get details like is your roof suited for installation? Do you have the required space for the solar water heater to fit in? The professionals will also give you idea 

of cost and changes you need to make in your surroundings. 

These were a few things everyone needs to know before buying a solar water heater in Ahmedabad, so that they can place the equipment right. Book your site analyses and get ready to save on your electricity bills because advanced solar systems work for everyone. 

By Anurag Rathod

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