SAFe Scrum Master Role – What Does Scrum Masters Do

As the world of product management is gaining traction in terms of evolution, so are different tools to integrate it. Flexible methodologies such as Agile have paved the way for process-oriented management. To maximize your team’s potential and to help your organization scale up efficiently, doing the SSM certification training course is a path many choose. 

Scrum, XP, Kanban, and many such Agile methodologies have to be understood before one starts to implement Agile management principles. A servant-leader is the role that the Scrum Master plays for the agile team – educating the team on various tools and methodologies. That’s why the SAFe Scrum Master Certification requires more tools in the toolbox than Scrum alone.

What is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master’s influence is broad, but it is narrow in its scope. They work behind the scenes and are not involved in product strategy and ideation. SAFe Scrum Masters professionals’ responsibility is to implement Scrum practices within an enterprise. To support program execution using Scrum and Kanban, coaching Agile teams and facilitating meetings are some of their key responsibilities.

Roles of a Scrum Master

There are four levels of scaled agile framework, and each is crucial for developing an Agile-powered system. Let’s take a look:

Team Level

Product Owner, Agile Team, and Scrum Master are some of the variety of roles who have certified scrum master certification would do. The role mentioned here are foundational, and they deliver value. 

Program Level

The level above the Team Level is the Program Level. Collaborating with the system team with UX, DevOps, and the system architect is given precedence here. Designing a system team infrastructure that creates an environment for development is an important goal at the Program Level. The teams also provide support for automation.

Portfolio Level

An increase in odds to deliver on an organization’s strategic direction can be done by adding the Portfolio Level to the enterprise’s core competencies. Unlike other levels, Portfolio Level has no tightly bound rules. 

Solution Level

Version 4.0 of the Scaled Agile framework is known as the Solution Level.

Program teams and ARTs combine their efforts to ensure that clients receive quality products.  

Scrum Master Responsibilities

A working professional who has gone through the SSM Certification Training Course is responsible for:

Planning Meetings

A scrum master schedules meetings and decides who will attend them or how often the meetings should occur. They are also responsible for estimating projects and aiding in sprint planning. 

Product development teams have to meet with the scrum master regularly. The scrum master has to ensure that members of each team express their views by participating in meetings.


Scrum Master is expected to coach Product Owners to add value to the specification of the delivery products. They should be prepared to address disagreements, keep track of sprint changes and discuss business priorities.


Product developers and owners communicate via the scrum master. A scrum master must ensure that all of the team’s tasks are known by the product owner. They are also responsible to inform the stakeholders regarding the process made by the product manager.

Qualities A Scrum Master

  • Must be observant and knowledgeable to anticipate challenges facing the development team
  • Good persuasive skills to motivate teammates
  • Crucial to dawn the role of a mediator, to work well with the development team and the product owner
  • Decent negotiation skills as team members, project managers, product owners, and others might have different perspectives


SAFe Scrum teams are communicative, collaborative, and organized. The SSM Certification Training Course enables a scrum master to be adept at handling any situation. The pursuit for a flawless product starts with the scrum master ensuring that various teams follow the local Agile processes.

The average salary of a SAFe Scrum Master is $99,000. Anyone can infer that this is a highly lucrative career to have. One has to have the skills to manage teams, organize resources, and maintain the workflow between various verticals of an organization. Skills that you’d learn by completing the course.

The world now has a lot of new opportunities, and everybody is trying to find the right niche. If you’re technically sound and have great communication skills then SAFe Scrum Master role might be for you.