Laptop During Class

The course used for the evaluation of the use of laptop computers as a learning tool is the first of its kind. This class was selected because the same teacher had taught the first class in more than two decades, using the same technology, and also the smaller class size (Approximately 50 students a year) allowed for more controlled presentation of new technologies as the instructor learned them. In that time the technology had become more advanced; the old machines were slow or malfunctioning, there were problems with the connection or sound, and even the data file on some laptops was corrupted. All this presented an opportunity for a more rounded assessment of the new learning method.

Speed up the lesson delivery

Using the laptop helped to speed up the lesson delivery, even when there were technical difficulties involved. When using the traditional desktop classroom approach, there was nothing to slow down the pace of learning. However, the introduction of the laptop brought with it new concerns about safety, data security, user interface design, and also the cost effectiveness of purchasing the new machine. All of this became important issues to those concerned with the educational needs of their students. The use of the laptop became a topic for much discussion in the classroom.

Convenience and Price

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Laptop to help students who could not afford

Some instructors pushed for the use of the laptop to help students who could not afford a machine of their own. Most of these students were from low income families, where the cost of a laptop would be a great luxury. Another group of instructors were pushy and wanted the use of laptops in the classroom because of the popularity of the devices. There were some pushy teachers in the classroom who saw the benefit of having the students use the latest technology to help retain their students’ attention and reduce mistakes.

Some of the problems faced by teachers who used laptops were the same as those faced by students. Students did not have the ability to type well on the touch screen of the laptops and needed to rely on the keyboard for most activities. In addition, some students misused the extra space provided on the computer by accessing it more than needed. Finally, there were some students who downloaded games that caused the system to slow down. Using the laptops to conduct class work caused some delays in the course, but the delays were short lived.

Ability to access classroom lectures

There are some advantages to using this technology, such as the ability to access classroom lectures and monitor the progress of the students at all times. This is important when a teacher wants to see the effects of a lesson over time. It also allows an instructor to see what has been learned by using a software program. This can be very beneficial for teachers who are trying to implement lessons that need to be reviewed over a period of time.

There are some disadvantages to using this smart world future technology, such as the possibility of being distracted by the presence of other students. However, this can usually be solved by making sure that the student is sitting in a chair that does not obstruct the view of the instructor. Also, if there are things that the student is forgetting, the instructor can remind the student before taking the next step. The disadvantage of using this technology is that it takes up valuable classroom time that could be used for other purposes. It also consumes a lot of power and the battery will eventually run down. If a teacher does not use the computer in the classroom, it will not be able to perform all of the functions necessary for teaching.

This is a new way to record lectures and teach students in a convenient manner. It also allows an instructor to make notes during a lecture and distribute them to the students for their review. When using this software, it should be noted that it is different from a web cam and many other types of recording software. This type of software has a built in video camera, so that everything recorded can be viewed right away. Furthermore, the student will need a laptop with an active internet connection to use the software. The internet connection should be a high speed one or reliable wireless connections.


This type of software allows the students to communicate directly with the instructor. They can type in whatever they want to say and can view the lecture through the keyboard of the computer. The disadvantage is that instructors may find it difficult to type in all the students’ names at once. However, this is a relatively new technology that is being used by fewer instructors today. It has become popular only in the last five to ten years and is very useful for instructors who have busy lives and still want to provide quality teaching. In some schools, it is common to use computers as a part of teaching; however, it is not allowed in most schools.

By Anurag Rathod

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