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Did you know – A year’s training in any reputable Artificial Intelligence Course or AI ML training course can help you get closer to learning how AI ML influences current Content market.

Content is the king, and context is what makes content marketable. In the fast changing world of Content-based applications, contextual content adds value and motive to the hyper-personalized campaigns that run across omni channel platforms – Website, mobile, SMS, email, Social media, and digital banner advertising. 

In this article, I have tried to unravel the role of AI in content and how it can benefit your career.

AI-based Content Generation

Content generation is the process of creating highly contextual content for any website or mobile application using visitor’s queries, product  search queries, social media and chatting information. By using AI for content generation, a company can design highly relevant communication channels across all perceivable media – especially social media, email and chats. 

By using AI in content generation, websites recommend the following options to readers and audience:

  • Latest YouTube videos / subscriptions
  • Email newsletters
  • Website blogs and information on new products
  • E-commerce blocks to try out new products during online shopping, and so on.

Image Processing and Captioning 

I have worked very closely on the open source image captioning and image refinement projects. One of the best examples of image captioning is the way Google Lens works. Similarly, image refinement projects include the popular “2019-2009” comparisons of your images, digital signatures on your online image assets, and “how you would look in the future”. While these are mostly based on user generated content, I had the opportunity to closely see how AI ML tools are used to create images for digital forensics and catch criminals who otherwise may have escaped with their crimes.

From recreating faces online using advanced face recognition and facial framework applications, cyber police can create a total criminal profile with 99.99 percent accuracy. The accuracy of such image grafting processes out performs the years of delayed justice in the past.

AI in Content Discovery

I just mentioned about the role of AI ML tools, with a powerful example – Google Lens.  There are many other AI tools that help discover content in the form of blogs, images, videos and music files. Google Lens is best to understand how AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms can help bring images and videos to life using a simple hand-held smart device — Your phone, or AR VR headset. 

Other popular application of Content Discovery using AIN include, Instagram Reels and Stories, YouTube’s highest ranking videos, Pinterest, Amazon Prime, Twitter, and so on.

AI against Content Plagiarism and Fake News 

In a recent article that I read, I found a very useful reference to the major difference between AI-powered and general scanners is based on finding the similarity in the content. 

By using AI, news reporting sites and media PR companies are able to keep a track of how reliable a particular source of journalism is. The top ranking sites that benefited from using AI and deep learning in news reporting around the world are:

  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg Media
  • ESPN
  • The Times of India

Top segments that use AI to fight fake information and content duplication 

  • Medicine and Life Sciences (recent example; CORONAVIRUS/ SARS-Covid)
  • Politics
  • Sports and Entertainment (Death of a popular celebrity or retirement of sportsmen)
  • NGO 
  • Events and Media Communications 
  • Insurance and Medical Aid (insurance frauds, spam content etc.)

Fight against the Duplicate Images

Online social media and content production groups are riddled with a unique challenge, called the Imposter Accidents. These are mostly related to influencers and brand ambassadors that have to suffer colossal damages in the form of imposters using duplicate images and fake news content. 

With the help of tools for AI in content discovery and fraud management, publishers and advertisers can provide the most accurate information. It not only saves billions of dollars that are otherwise lost to mal advertising and faulty brand management activities.

The pace at which content is generated and marketed to the target audience is truly enviable, and coming from the dot com era, I find the current generation of content managers and marketers far more adept at learning the AI-side of doing business with Content Marketing. But, you are not far from doing it on your own either.

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