Search engine optimization or as we simply address it as SEO, is a vast term. It is not only confined to keywords or long-tail phrases insertion. It includes much more than just that. Backlinks, niche edits, video content and the list seems to go on. The world of SEO is extremely vast and it comprises a variety of terms that can help you boost the presence of your website or business, as you gradually learn about them. Out of all these terms, very few people are familiar with niche edits or let’s say that beginners usually have no idea about them. Also, a lot of individuals who have heard about this term, don’t bother much about it until they gather knowledge about how it works and how it can be important in SEO. You can easily reach out to the best niche edit services provided by all SEO specialists online now, and we highly recommend that you must know about how it works. Or maybe you already know about it, but haven’t heard of this specific term before! 

Let’s dig in deeper to find all the details about niche edits and how they can be extremely powerful for your website. 

What are Niche Edits?

Niche edit is a new addition to an already existing piece of content. For example, if you are an author and you have handed over your book for proofreading but it comes back to you, with alteration requirements then the changes you make to it are known as niche edits. Likewise, if you are adding content to an already existing content on your website or you are making changes to it for SEO purposes, then you are making niche edits to it.

Niche edits are nothing complicated. They are not injected into your content. It is simply the addition and editing of a new piece of content, into an old piece of content with whatever intention you wish. You can also refer to it as content manipulation. 

What are Niche Edits Backlinks?

As any addition to an already existing content is known as niche edit; if a backlink is added to an old piece of content then it is known as niche edit backlink. It does add value to your content. But addition of backlinks to an already existing content is not easy and quick to manage. If you want to link your content with someone’s else’s website then you need to acquire their permission. Many link it to guest posting too. 

The reality is that an authoritative link adds a great amount of value to your website and content. It will add life to your old content and will help you generate new audiences on the same content but in a much better and professional manner. Niche edit backlinks basically help you derive a fresh and new audience from their website and it helps you boost your engagement too, bringing a very positive change in the metrics. 

Methods for Niche Edits:

There are 3 basic methods for niche editing: 

  • White hat approach 
  • Grey hat route 
  • Page hacking 

The most commonly used method is the white hat approach that is used for niche edits. This means that you reach out to the website’s owner and ask them to trade a free link with them in exchange for a valuable piece of content. Now, the white hat approach is definitely time consuming but it is the least expensive method as well. It lets you create a link campaign without much investment. You also have the advantages of building relationships with fellow bloggers. This helps you get in touch with them when needed and likewise, they can reach out to you in the future too. Thus, you grow as a business owner, blogger and it helps you build an online network too. 

The second method is the grey hat route. In this method, you simply offer an amount of money for placing the link in your piece of content. However, this is not supported by Google but this route is approached by the majority of the people today to gain a niche edit backlink. But it is always best to opt for this option with care and make sure that you discuss it with the website owner in detail. 

Lastly, the page hacking method is the last method and well, this isn’t really used. If you try this method, you will see how your link will be removed within a matter of some minutes or a few hours. And it will push your website’s presence and reputation down the aisle. Google might block it too. Thus, we do not recommend this method and it is always best to steer clear of air, rather than putting your business on stake. 

How to get Niche Edit Links?

We have mentioned the methods that are used to get niche edit links but there is a lot of work that goes into these methods too. As most people opt for the white hat approach, it is important that you take your time for it. Do your research before you dive into anything. You need to make sure that the website you are lining up has content that is similar to yours. It is recommended that you look deeply into their articles or posts. You might find a post that might gain advantage from your outbound link. If you get any, it will help you build a database. 

The second way to get the links is to hire the professionals to do the task for you. All the best companies that offer SEO services, are providing you with niche edit services too. They are certainly the best bet for managing your link building process and handling the outreach for you too. Niche edits are extremely powerful and they are usually not paid much attention to by the beginners. This is why, it is suggested that the pros must be hired to do their job as they are better at understanding the process and balancing the niche edits and guest posts etc. 

Important things to consider:

Building a strategy for niche edits is very crucial and it must be done carefully. There are two most important things to consider:

  • Link velocity
  • Anchor text diversity 

Both of these must be relevant and they must fit in your content very naturally. If you are unable to match these two and balance them out, Google won’t rank you and will start diminishing your online presence. It will be bad for your domain reputation too. Thus, considering these two is very important. 


Yes they do. Beginners usually have no idea about niche edits but if you deeply study the various elements of SEO, then you will learn about this one as well. SEO is a vast term and it is crucial to take all its elements into consideration, in the right way. Balancing these elements accurately in your website is what makes your online presence shine out. Lastly, it wouldn’t push you on the first page of Google overnight. It is a time taking process and patience is certainly the key to success. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.