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Using the best massage guns doesn’t just come down to muscle pain relief. With this professional massage device, you can perform exercises that offer a multitude of benefits for athletes and professional athletes, increasing their performance and results.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits of the best massage guns. Its use is recommended for all types of people and situations: muscle stiffness, contractures, warming up before exercising, relaxing the muscles after training, etc.

If you like to exercise or are a sports professional, here we show you how you can incorporate a massage gun into your workouts to get the most out of your muscles.

Using a massage gun before training

Exercises with a massage gun before a training, race or competition will offer you the following advantages:

Increased blood flow

Helps release tension

Activation of the nervous system

This pre-workout massage translates into a warm-up of the muscles mobilizing blood and oxygen. But BEWARE! It is important not to abuse the massage time to only enter a muscle activation phase without relaxing too much.

Routine to use the electric massager before exercising

It is recommended to work each muscle individually and apply a massage that does not exceed half a minute. The use of the massage gun is a complement to stretching, but it is not a substitute for it. So, if you stretch regularly before your physical activity, don’t put it aside.

The way to do the massage is: apply the gun to specific points with quick massages (3 series of 10 seconds) to increase and stimulate blood circulation and mobilize the muscles without overly relaxing.

The best massage guns during training

We know this can be almost impossible, but if you have the opportunity to use the massage gun during training/race, you will notice the results.

The best massage guns UK conditions muscles to perform best at times of greatest fatigue. In the case of having a fatigued muscle during your training or running routine, you can massage it for 15 seconds.

In this way, you release tension and oxygenate the muscle, improving its performance. With this express massage, you make your body feel like new to continue giving everything in training.

To be able to use the massager without the need for help while you train, we recommend the Theragun Pro, a professional massage gun perfect for self-massage thanks to its ergonomics and design.

How to use the best massage guns after training

The use of the massage gun after finishing the training is perfect to release lactic acid and leave the muscles as new for the next “round”. At this time you need a slower and longer massage in order to find a calming effect. It is a perfect way to recover muscles in less time and with better results.

We recommend that you use the electric massager for a couple of minutes to stimulate the nervous system. Ultimately, massage gun exercises after doing your usual physical activity will help prevent muscle pain and relieve stiffness.

You have almost certainly had the opportunity to see a video in which, in slow motion and almost hypnotically, a ball held by something that reminds us of a lifelong drill hits a muscle area causing an undulating movement of the tissues.

These are percussion massage guns, an invention that has been part of the arsenal of athletes and physiotherapists for quite some time, but which has recently been gaining followers and has become one more complement in the training of the amateur athlete.

We are going to analyze what these pistols achieve, what you should not expect from them, what must be taken into account when buying one, and tell you about my personal experience with the buy Smart Fitness brand.

What do massage guns do?

best massage guns uk offer what is known as vibration or percussion therapy. This type of massage provides quick bursts of pressure on the muscle tissue of the body as the head swings back and forth.

Unlike other myofascial massage tools with some similar results, such as rollers, massage guns can be applied in a much more precise way to a specific area where it is necessary to act.

Percussion therapy does not completely eliminate muscle pain. But what it does do is increase blood flow to a specific area, something that can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension and undo those annoying contractures that appear after hard training.

Another of its indications is the application before exercise to accelerate the preparation of the muscles.

In short, buy Smart Fitness is indicated to reduce stiffness, relax the muscles, and warm-up before physical activity.

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