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Campus recruitment is all about hundreds of students from different departments participating in drives. It’s the task of the placement cell to ensure everything is proper.

The placement process usually involves many activities such as registration, communication, mock tests, interview scheduling, and more. At times, it becomes difficult to manage all these, mostly if it’s manually done. This improper management can then be the cause of the lack of placements.

However, web portal solutions can help you build a good rapport with companies. They would streamline the process, making it easy for students, management, and companies.

With it, you can sync the placement related data directly with your college portals. You can provide a single login point so that no one has to go through different sign-in windows.

Here are the advantages of web portal developmentfor placement management.

1. Track Placement Process

Suppose you’re a placement head and want to view all about the XYZ company’s drive. All the students who have participated, shortlisted, and the rounds they’ve completed.

How are you going to do that?

You would check the company’s list and manually crosscheck students in the college database in general cases. Well, that’s not a good idea.

You should go for web portal solutions. They will help you check out the entire process details in one place. You won’t have to find out about the students and the rounds they have cleared. You won’t have to ask companies where they have reached, or so.

With the portal, you can track everything, from the application of students to shortlisting and finalizing.

2. Streamline Placement Tasks

You can simply sort the companies and send them invites for recruitment. Further, you can provide them with a window to view the students’ applications. They can also view their personal and professional details, including backlogs, percentile, and resume.

With web portal development, you don’t have to be the mediator to process data between students and companies. They can do their tasks individually without any help.

Besides, you can automate notifying students about recruitment and sending out emails. The syncing of data would further free you and your placement team of manual data entries.

3. Schedule Interviews

You can use the web portal solutions’ calendar feature to schedule upcoming events, tasks, interviews, and so on. It can be for you or your team. Suppose three companies are simultaneously conducting drives on the campus. You can assign a group to attend one company’s welcome ceremony by scheduling it in a calendar. The portal would notify the staff about the same.

Similarly, you can assign other team members with their tasks, create events in the calendar to manage your own plans, etc.

Students can schedule their plans and interviews from their login area and get notified about the same.

4. Identify Companies

If you have a web portal, it would be easy to identify the companies. You can view their record of correspondence, previous recruitments, etc.

Creating an employee profile would be a one-time activity. Later, you can keep updating it for every recruitment year. You can maintain and view recruiter history anytime.

5. Administrative Control

As a placement head, you have to ensure that the students’ applications and companies’ profiles are legit. You need to ensure that no one, including your staff, can tamper with the data without your permission. If you had sheets to manage it, the chances of altered data would be high. However, web portal development provides you with role-based access.

You can assign roles and module access so that only designated people can access it. For instance, students would only be able to access the modules relevant to them.

Suppose you (admin) are the one to accept or reject the application of the company. You can assign the rights only to the admin. That means no one from your staff can access it.

The control over the operations and the tasks would ensure that there are no frauds. The other benefit is the effective management of everyone’s operations via one portal.

6. Knowledge Base

Training students for interviews is also essential for the placement department. You can provide your students with a knowledge base repository consisting of mock tests, questions asked in interviews, and others. With articles and materials, you can help them prepare for interviews. You can also conduct mock interviews to give them the experience of it.

Besides, it would be easy to guide students with the procedure to apply for a job offer. It generally happens that companies ask students to register on their site. So, you can add the how-to guides in the online library. It would guide students to fill the form correctly.

7. Notifications and Reminders

How often do you call a student and ask them for their updated information?

It’s frequent.

To avoid this, I would suggest you go for a web portal development. It will automate your tasks of informing students, companies, and staff about something or everything.

If a student hasn’t uploaded the resume, the portal will send an automated reminder about it. You can also set the duration to update the resume and details. For example, the last resume attached was six months back then the student would get a reminder to update it along with details.

If there were an upcoming interview, they would know for sure. And the same applies to you, companies, and the staff.

It can be an email notification or an SMS. But overall, it would fulfill the motto: everyone needs to be informed on time.

8. Online Communities and Forums

With online communities and forums, you can provide everyone, including students and staff, a platform to interact with one another. Students can share their interview experience. Staff can suggest some tips on cracking interviews and clearing tests. One with questions or need of help can ask for it in the community.

This interaction between students and the staff can help everyone work collaboratively. The community can reduce your work to a great extent. The basic queries students have, they can discuss it in the group instead of reaching you.

And yet, there are many more benefits.

Wrapping Up

A web portal development can streamline the entire placement management operations. Instead of managing, the placement cell can find and contact highly reputed companies to conduct drives. Students can keep a check of their details all the time.

Web portal solutions help curb miscommunications and delays.

If you don’t have one, go for it today. Also, share your thoughts about the same in the comment section.


A placement cell is a bridge that connects students with their future. To strengthen that bridge, you must go for web portal development. Check this article to find the advantages of using web portal solutions for placement management.

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