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Best Interview Tips

Best Interview Tips

The way to get a job is to present yourself accordingly and get a nod from them. Among all the steps in the application process, the most crucial part is the interview. Acing the interview is almost the same as getting the job. It is vital not just to pass the interview but get high grades on it. But how do we pass in an interview and get a job? We will talk about interview tips that will help you ace it and land your dream job.

Interview Tips

1. Evaluate if you are a fit for the job

The first thing to do is to analyze if you are fit for the job you are applying to. Check if your credentials relevant to the job you are trying to apply for. If you know that the job description for the job post is a fit for your skills, then you could proceed. Most interviewer reviews the resume or CV of an applicant and decides if you are a fit for them. Always review the job descriptions before sending an application. If you saw that all the points are a match for your skills, then go and apply. The fitting job would definitely let you get productive every day at work.

Of course, not all the time, you will find a job that looks for the exact same skills that you have. There are job postings that the requirements are almost the same as your skills. You can still go with that as long as the majority of the points in the job description fits you. You can learn those things along when you are working the job anyway. The key is to look for a job description that the requirements are the things that you can do.

2. Research about the company or client

Once you have evaluated and found that your skills are a match for the job description, you should proceed with researching the company. This is for you to have an idea of what type of company you will be applying for. This can also be used in an actual interview because interviewers are impressed with an applicant who knows things about the company. It shows that you have the initiative to do research before diving into things.

This could also tell you things about what to expect from the company and consider things you have to make in order to work there. A basic example is the location of the company. If the company is too far from you, you need to allot time in preparation for traveling. If you are not really good at time management, you may as well think about if you can do that routine every day. This is just an example of things you can come across and will be a factor in deciding if you will pursue it or not.

3. Practice for the actual interview

Once you are set for the interview, the normal thing is to prepare for it. Review the basic interview questions and how to answer them. These questions are almost sure to come up during an interview. Among the most common are “Tell me about yourself.”, “Where can you see yourself in the future?”, and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. Being able to answer this correctly can give you a good score. This basic questions most of the time tells most about an applicant.

Remember that it is great to have a good score in answering this but the more important thing is, to tell the truth. There are times that they will ask you if you know how to do a certain thing. Most of the time, they ask if you have a certain skill they are looking for. It is always important that you tell the truth to these types of questions. Also, practice how you speak and manage unnecessary movements. This will all amount to the overall score you will get during the interview.

4. Prepare everything before the interview

Most interviews will require you to bring something that you would be using during the application process. This could be things like a pen or a copy of a document. Make sure that you are prepared and you have these things with you. Forgetting them would be a big minus in your interview score. It would show the interviewer that you are not attentive and did not prepare for the interview.

Make sure that you bring in the things that they required. It would be a bad thing to come into something unprepared.

5. Make a good first impression

Once you are in the interview, make sure you give off a good impression. The first thing to think of is to not be late. If you can come early, then that would be much better. It shows the punctuality and preparedness of an applicant for the said interview. Being late is never a good point whether you are applying or even if you are already hired. Tardiness is the same as disrespecting another one’s time. This is not something you want to show to someone you are trying to impress. This could dictate the whole course of the interview.

You are being judged by the interviewer the first time they see you. They begin assessing you even before they have talked to you. With this said, come in with decent clothes and look professional. Try to look good before coming to an interview. Impress them with how you present yourself right from the start.

6. Practice good manners and body language

Showing politeness and good manners are both good points that would surely increase your chances of being hired. Once you come in, make sure you wear your smile. It can lighten the mood if one is smiling. Anyone who would prefer to see someone smiling rather than frowning or having no expression at all. Also, make sure that you shake the hands of the interviewer before and after the interview. It shows politeness to the interviewer. Do not use any foul words that could offend the interviewer. Make sure you think about what you will be saying would spell well for you.

One thing to remember is to manage is unnecessary movements. These are gestures that can possibly distract the interviewer. If the interviewer is distracted then he or she would have a hard time to listen to what you have to say. Practice on managing these before to avoid doing this during the actual interview.

7. Be confident, be true

It is always intimidating to have other people ask questions about you. But this is the interview process and it is normal. So the only thing to do is to gather up and build your confidence. If you are able to show the interviewer that you are confident, then that would be a plus point. Make sure you have eye contact when speaking and not looking somewhere else. Focus on what the interviewer is saying and answer accordingly.

Being confident is not the same as showing off. It is still important to remember that you should only be telling the truth during an interview. If they try to confirm the skills you have, be truthful and tell them the skills you don’t have. It is always better to tell them right from the start rather than them discovering it while working. They are just trying to assess you for them to be able to adjust accordingly if they decide to hire you. If you tell a lie and got the job, it will be shown when you are already working and they found out that you have no idea what to do.

8. Make your selling points clear

The most important part of the interview is to tell them your expertise. Show them what you can bring to the company. Make sure you deliver it to them and that they have a good understanding of your skills. Tell them your skills and how it would be beneficial for them to hire you. You should have a good understanding of what they need if you have reviewed the job description as well as the company. If you know what they need, then that is what you give to them.

9. Ask questions

Once the interview is nearing its end, most of the time, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. This could also be a good chance to impress them even more. Don’t leave them on saying that you don’t have any questions. Ask them about the position you applied for, the company, what to expect and other things related to the work. This will show them that you are interested and you want to be a part of the company.

10. Continue and don’t give up

Let us admit that no matter how you prepared for an interview, you can still fail. This does not necessarily mean you are a bad applicant. Most of the time, it is because they found a better fit for the job than you. If you have failed, then just continue to find another and go on with it. Charge to experience what you have learned in the previous interview. Assess what you can improve and do it in your next interview.


Interviewing ia a part of job hunting. It is a good thing to be always prepared in them. We hope that you find our interview tips helpful. Can you share other interview tips with us? Tell us how your interview goes.

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