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Know In Detail About V3Cube Gojek Clone App KingX Development

Know In Detail About V3Cube Gojek Clone App KingX Development

Gojek the name has carved its brand and has become huge. There is no doubt that business owners across the globe are wishing to be like them. The journey of Gojek is undoubtedly motivating for any business owner, to get up from bed and start a new startup. Hold on. If you are planning to venture into an On-Demand Industry, there are few things you need to know beforehand. GoJek Application has become a billion-dollar company that has reached the top after decoding several business challenges. So, it is advisable to know what’s in for you if you are developing Gojek Clone App.

KingX – V3Cube Gojek like App

KingX developed by V3Cube is taken inspiration from the original Gojek Application.

KingX is a readily available script solution that can help you launch your On-Demand Business in a matter of days. Equipped with several features, it allows you to build a profitable revenue generation with 70+ On-Demand Services.

V3Cube Gojek Clone App is a White-label App Solution that allows entrepreneurs to customize the features, services, pricing, brand logo, themes, etc. 

So, it is a Super App that relieves your business tension, boosts productivity, along with automating the business operations. What’s more, it reduces overheads and comes at an affordable price range that you can think of.

Technology Stack Used In Developing Gojek Clone App 

V3Cube KingX is designed and developed by a skilled team using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides profitable results.

The latest technological stack used in developing Gojek Clone App includes:

iOS, JAVA, Android, Swift, JQuery, MySQL, Flutter, BootStrap, Node, MongoDB, Socket Cluster, and PHP.

Using updated technologies in your Gojek like App will quickly provide the desired limelight. The possibilities of your app to become successful hugely depend on the technology stack you use. 

It is less likely that entrepreneurs are not tech-savvy. Thus, asking your app development team about the technologies they are going to use and a brief introduction of how it is going to help you know that your Super App will be built on the latest technologies.

V3Cube believes in developing an app on latest the latest technology that guarantees to provide maximum results. 

Gojek Clone App Development Process 

The team has built an excellent product that helps you get instant results when you launch Gojek Clone App in the market. The reasons our KingX has earned a reputation of being a robust and dynamic app that takes businesses to the next level.

Step 1: Choosing Gojek like the app and taking a demo

When you choose to Buy the KingX app – the most suitable app solution for your business in today’s time. The team offers you to test drive the app in the live environment. This way you will see how the app runs in real, every single panel, the features, and services. 

Step 2: Customizing Gojek Clone App

If you are looking to customize the app, or have unique ideas to enhance the app, convey them to the app development team and they’ll consider.

Step3: Placing the order

Now that you have taken the demo and ordered customization, all you need to do is place an order. The order gets confirmed after discussing the details with you.

Step4: White labeling process starts

The team starts with the white-labeling process that hardly takes  4- 5 business days to accomplish the task. The team will prompt you upon completing a white-labeled solution that will have language and currencies of your choice, brand logo integrated within your app, and all set to launch in the Play Store/App Store.

Step5: Launching Gojek Clone App

You will need to submit your server details to launch Gojek like App for you. The team will upload the app to the stores accordingly.

Step 6: Support

The team provides post-app support offering bug support, technical support as well as up-gradation for a year. The team is available to answer your queries and concerns 24/7/365 days for a year ensuring that you have a smooth transition.

How Much V3Cube Take To Develop KingX an app like Gojek Clone App?

KingX is brilliantly designed and developed on the state-of-the-art, highly scalable app inspired from Gojek Application. To develop this smart, intuitive app V3Cube involved 16 developers comprising:

  • Project managers
  • IOS Developers
  • Android Developers
  • Backend developers
  • Data analysts
  • Web designers
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • UI/UX designer

It is not a prototype, but the app is all set to launch so that you can start the business immediately. It is a fully functional, tested, and finished product.  This one-time investment app comes with a licensed source code, white-labeled, loaded with September’s latest features 2021. 

So, now that you have known the detailed analysis of V3Cube Gojek Clone App CubeJekX 2021 development, launching On-Demand Multi Services App is easy and quick. Connect with the representative today and start preparing to venture into an On-Demand Industry today. 

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