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According to the latest research, the dating app is experiencing rising popularity and in the near future, this trend is far from declining. Hence dating App development is a big buzz in today’s App development market and in the current scenario; the business is enjoying a great turnover.

Although there are a plethora of dating apps, the users welcome very few of them. Owing to issues like security, privacy, etc the experience of the users turns out to be negative. Hence if you invest wisely and make a dating App of high quality by following an effective strategy, you have a lot of scope in the market. If you have a plan to build a dating app, read the article to find out how to go about it.

Consider customer’s expectations

The first and foremost requirements of a customer are security. Your app must have a security check system to get rid of unsafe people signing up for your dating app. The proper investigation leads to a safe and healthy user experience which is eventually beneficial for your app. In addition to that, a smooth working app is expected to provide a sophisticated user interface and a convenient swiping technique. Hence, you ought to build the dating App with utmost security.

Functionalities to be focused on while developing the app

Consider investing in the development of the important functionalities of a dating App. The three most important functionalities are:

  1. Access to the app through Android and iOS devices
  2. Matchmaking
  3. Messenger service
  4. Location-Based Search
  5. Like or dislike options
  6. Advertisement options
  7. Premium membership options

Access through the Android and iOS devices.

There should be a convenient way to log into the App. In this era when everyone is running short of time, build a dating app that allows sign up through mail or social media. Along with that, it must be informed to the users that their credentials would be kept confidential and your app would not be using any of their posts in developing their portals. When you allow them to sign up through Google, you allow them to find out their common interest and common friends. The developers of your app can use Pinterest-style images. It will help in raising the demand for the app. Moreover, take pain in validating pictures that include nudity. Make sure to check fake and obscure names to bring about transparency in your app.


Matchmaking is a great deal. It is not an essential element to be added while a dating app is developed. Matchmaking aspects can be made simple by implementing behavioral sciences. Based on a variety of preferences such as interests and hobbies, matchmaking can be made. The recommendations should be safe. A simple yes or no response can be used to find out the compatibility. Strive to offer a sophisticated and unique way to match the people willing to date. After the creation of profiles and sequence of matchmaking, ask the partner to choose a favorite meeting point. It can be a restaurant or any other place visited by several people.

Messenger services

Before meeting or having a telephonic conversation, it has become a mandatory step to chat for a certain period.  It also helps to break the ice between two unknown individuals. Hence, in-app messaging spices up the dating app conversation between two unknown hearts ready to meet for the first time and makes it absolutely interesting. It brings a thrilling touch to the entire process. The interactive procedure can involve audio calling or video calling through the application.

Location-Based Search

People tend to find a match in a nearby location. It is, therefore, necessary to provide them options in their comfort zone. Location-based social search should be GPS enabled to find nearby eligible users and give a good experience of the virtual world to the users.

Like or dislike options

Dating Applications should let the users form and express their opinions regarding user profiles. It empowers them to categorize the individual profiles. This creates an air of interest to date each other.

Advertisement options

Admin must have a provision for posting an advertisement for various companies. This eventually increases the revenue and number of users too since many people will start downloading and using the app as the advertisement is sure to seek their attention. 

Premium membership options

The app should also include premium features for the end-users. These make the app more interesting and informative. Furthermore, it provides more income to the owner of the system.

Expenses incurred for developing a dating app

The cost of creating a dating app is directly proportional to the functionality of the site. You can restrict your cost by incorporating very few or basic features in the app. However, if you want to build a dating app of high and advanced functionality, you need to consider spending some more. In such cases look for an experienced and professional developer who can provide you with exceptional solutions. A professional expert would lay down a quotation before you keeping in mind the following points:

  1. No of users and visitors
  2. Cost of developing the app( per hour basis)
  3. Maintenance cost
  4. Infrastructure and additional costs

Along with the development cost, also consider adding to the cost of promoting the app. Your creations must reach out to potential users. Hence use social media platforms to highlight your app to expect an immediate response.

Revenue Generation from a dating app

The revenue that can be earned by developing a dating app is an indispensable factor. No one can deny the fact that the lives of people all over the world have been impacted by dating apps. Dating apps have left a sensitive touch in their personal lives. Not only teenagers but adults are also enchanted by dating apps and their workability to find a suitable partner matching all the traits of a person. Hence, it is not very surprising that dating apps earn huge revenue throughout the year.

Concluding thoughts

Dating Apps are not only fascinating, but they also fall in the category of lucrative business too.  They are an effective way to generate income and hence you need to make a dating app that is worth it. If you manage to design a trusted and user-friendly site, you can create a huge fan base and earn handsome revenue.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.