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Seattle is a fun-living destination, and also, it’s pretty notable that you can have every kind of experience while being here. Do you want to experience something new here, apart from the local sightseeing? If yes, then you can read about the same here while booking your cheap flights to Seattle. We have come up with a whole list of the best unique things that you can experience here. The destination is filled with antique experiences, and each one of them would facilitate you with the best memories!

Some of the unusual and very innovative activities held in Seattle are mentioned below:

Click a picture with the mighty Fremont Troll

Fremont Troll is one of the most looked upon touristic hubs in Fremont. People come here and click a selfie with the same. It has a remarkable elevation of 18-feet, has one eye and is known to reside under the Aurora Bridge. This sculpture was made in 1990 with the help of wire, steel and concrete. While being here, you can also climb on it. 

 Pay a visit to the Nordic Heritage Museum

While you are planning your visit to Seattle and booking your tickets to Seattle, don’t forget to add the Nordic Heritage Museum to your itinerary. Here, you can witness a heart-warming exhibition of three-dimensional objects, a music library, traditional texts belonging to the Nordic dance and music etc. Apart from that, you would also come across many other cultural treasures prevalent here.

Head towards West Seattle via Water Taxi

Yes, you read it right- water taxis! There is an existence of the West Seattle Water Taxi that proffers a wholesome 12-minutes trip to the travelers. It takes them towards Seacrest Park. There, you can enjoy the mesmerising and breathtaking views from the Seattle skyline.

Try out sailing at the Center for Wooden Boats

Do you know what the best part of sailing at the Center of Wooden Boats is? Well, it’s free of cost! You can try out the various lessons and classes related to sailing here. Every Sunday, you can get onto the water with the skippers and boating crew here. You can ride here for about an hour, but you need to sign up yourself to participate in the same. The registrations for the same begin at 10 am on Sunday.

Visit the bustling Fremont Sunday Market

All of you might have heard about the very famous Pike’s Place Market, but have you ever heard about the Fremont Sunday Market? Well, a visit to this amazing market is surely worth it. It resides right in the Fremont neighbourhood. You can easily have access to the same via public transportation. Here, you are going to have a local experience. You can check out the local produce of Seattle, the best food trucks, and the various antiques and vintage clothing accessories.

The Pioneer Square’s underground tour

On mentioning the original downtown area of Seattle, it’s none other than Pioneer Square. It was during 1889 when the city went into ruins after a massive fire took place here. But, some of the alleys, buildings and streets still lie underneath this square. Thus, you can indulge in its underground tour while being in Seattle. One of the best and most attractive hubs here include Bill Speidel. Apart from this, you can also have a look at the old storefronts, which speak the mighty tales from Seattle’s early days. 

Take a tour of Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate is considered to be the very first organic chocolate factory prevalent in North America. You can also be a part of the mind-blowing tour of this factory with no shortcomings. Here, you would hear the story of cocoa and the process of cocoa fruit’s transformation into chocolate. Also, they would be explaining to you the various environmental issues and debates associated with cocoa farmers. You would also get to taste the delicious chocolate products here.

Culture Club Cheese Bar’s Happy Hour 

The Culture Club Cheese Bar has got the widest selection of wine-and-cheese fusions! You can visit this new bar at 12th Avenue, on the barhopping’s northern stretch. Its unique ambience, soothing aura, beguiling charm and modest menu would take away your heart! Do not forget to try out the commendable Happy Hour facilitated by this bar, along with cheesy comfort food.

How about a “clothing optional” bike ride? 

If you have an adventurous soul, you must not stop trying out the clothing option bike rides. These are facilitated throughout the year, and some of them are the Seattle Daylight Ride, World Naked Bike Ride, and Fremont’s Solstice Daylight Ride. This is surely an incredible as well as a silly party, and you are genuinely going to love it! 

Try out the unusual Nevertold Casket Company 

The Nevertold Casket Company is run by Jack and Tiffany Bennett, who are most commonly referred to as treasure hunters. This is a very unusual shop that contains a whole exhibition of strange items which the couple has kept preserved for many years. These commodities include creepy toy monkeys, human skulls and other supernatural stuff. Also, as the name caskets implies, you can also expect antlers, bones and claws here.

In a nutshell

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