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Digitalization is taking over every sector, leaving tons of benefits behind. When we talk about the health sector, the story is no different. Gone are the days when diseases went unnoticed and undiagnosed. With modern-day technological tools and equipment, patients can get their diagnoses of every kind done.

The role of students in learning these advanced tools, mechanisms, and expertise is extravagant. To serve this need, the universities are offering different courses. One such degree is digital health offered at the University of Bristol. If you are interested in knowing more about this course, keep reading this article!

MSc in Digital Health at the University of Bristol:

The university offers Masters of Science in digital health. It is of its kind degree offered in the UK, incorporating the diagnosis, management, and prevention of diseases through digital ways. The students will learn modern insights into diagnosing numerous diseases. Following is a brief overview of this program that can help the students.

1. Program Overview:

Advanced innovations are essential to knowing, counteracting, and diagnosing diseases like diabetes and dementia with cell phone applications.  With wearable and monitoring screens in place, health professionals can now collect diverse data about individuals’ health. Utilizing this information in decision-making, the health experts can assist patients with dealing with their diseases and convey treatments.

Students with a different first degree, like in Computer Science, or engineering, hoping to become a health expert can pursue this degree. MSc in Digital Health furnishes you with the fundamental specialized abilities in the health landscape. The degree enables the students to keep up compassion with the patient’s necessities and an eye for new business opportunities.

If you are from an Engineering or Computer Sciences field, you will be acquainted with applicable parts of the health profession. On the off chance that you have a Health Science or Life Science degree, you will be acquainted with coding, data analysis, and e-health. Do you come with a different degree, hoping to become a health professional? Get in touch with the Best education consultants  to secure your spot in this program.

Learning Outcomes:

Students in this degree can learn advanced industrial insights and the know-how to innovate health approaches. With a solid base of learning outcomes, the course will take students to a new level. Following are some of the learning outcomes of this degree. Let us go through them quickly!

  • The program empowers you to assess the security and adequacy of new items
  • Study and assess the moral ethics and principles that guide the development of advanced technologies
  • You will become a digital health professional
  • Become a strong team player with leadership skills
  • Learn new insights into working in a dynamic health field
  • Learn and provide social health care services

2. Funding/Scholarship for the program:

The MSc in digital health is a comprehensive course pursued by students from all around the world. Students have to go through several classes during the course, costing them a good amount of money. What if someone can’t afford these costs and fees? Don’t take worries! The course is funded by various scholarships that students can win.

The UK and overseas students can save 50% of their tuition fees and living expenses, should they qualify for the scholarship. Graduates can get an allowance of £7000 for their living expenses. The biggest source of funding this course receives is Health Data Research – Uk (HDR-UK). It is a flagship organization, helping numerous universities across the UK through its funding and scholarship programs.

3. Fee Structure:

The university has a policy of charging annual fees for all programs. The fee structure may revise for each new year, depending on the management decisions. Following is the fee structure for MSc digital health for the year 2021/22.

UK: Full-time£11,700
Overseas students£24,700
Channel Island£14,240

4. Program Structure:

Students in this degree will go through several phases, learning different courses and insights into the health landscape. Are you interested in learning these dynamic insights and become a health professional? Get in touch with the Best education consultants and start your admission process today! Following is a detailed program structure for this degree.

  • Sensing Technologies for Diagnostics and Monitoring – 10 credits
  • Research methods in digital health – 10 credits
  • Digital health case studies – 10 credits
  • Introduction to Epidemiology – 10 credits
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – 10 credits
  • Digital health project – 60 credits

5. Career Chances:

Health is growing exponentially, and it is going even faster with a touch of technology. Individuals in this field have greater chances of becoming health leaders in different societies. Graduates can secure their posts in academia, charitable organizations, numerous companies, and other public sector hospitals.

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